Now, not only this but let me show you. We’ll go now beyond the tree. Now, we’ll go beyond the tree. In my work, when this particular work was given to me to do, I was instructed from within—what to do, how to do, where to do, and that instruction continues. But one of the things given me at the very beginning was never advertise or never seek a student. Never seek a student but instruct those who are given to you, who are led to you. And now, if you’ll notice in sixteen years that is what we have followed.

Now, let’s see how it happens that you are here, those of you who haven’t been before. If I abide in this Word day and night, I and my Father are one. All that the Father hath, for me, is mine. My sheep hear my voice. My own shall come to me. Whatever the Father has for me is mine. No man can give it to me. No man can take it from me. It is an individual experience between I and the Father. I go where the Father directs me. I do those things given me to do. And the Father directs those to me to whom I can be a blessing. No one else, because if I can’t bless them, they can’t bless me.

All I have to do is be consciously one with God, and I am consciously one with everybody and everything in this world necessary to my personal demonstration. Everything, whether I need a book, or whether I need a book publisher, whether I need money, or whether I need accommodations at a hotel. Whatever my need is to be is automatically fulfilled, not because I earn it or deserve it. Not because I’m worthy of it, I couldn’t be. Only because I and my Father are one. I have made contact with the Source within me, just as the branch has made contact with the roots and then everything necessary to the bringing of oranges to the tree will come.

Therefore, we have a basic Principle revealed to us. My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all Spiritual being and idea. Now, you see I don’t have to let my thoughts roam out here. I have to keep my thoughts within myself to my relationship to God, to my oneness with God. And I have to realize that whatever work is given me to do, not only in this particular ministry, but whatever work we have in our family life, business life, any other life, all of this is given to me by Grace by reason of my oneness, my conscious oneness with God.

Now, the moment, and remember this that I have just declared is both a meditation and a prayer. Remember, my conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all Spiritual being and idea. I and my Father are one, and I hear the Father say, “Son, thou art ever with me; all that I have is thine.” Now, do you see that I do not have to send my thought out here? I don’t have to manipulate the outer scene. I dwell within in that Spiritual relationship with God, and then God draws to me my own in every walk of life, in every department of my life, even the right clothing to wear.

So it is then, by a life of prayer and meditation, you unite yourself to the Source of all life, and very soon you’ll find that you need take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed. Because now you are not looking to man whose breath is in his nostril for it. Even if you’re in business and advertise your wares, you’re not looking to man whose breath is in his nostril to come to you, only those whom God sends to you who can bless you and be blessed in return. And the very moment you do this, your advertising becomes more productive. You’ll find that you’ll have just as much fruitage with less advertising.

The point is that you are now impersonalizing your life. You are no longer living in a world where we are dependent on each other, where we need each other, where we have any anxious concern for drawing to ourselves. Now we are living in a whole new area of consciousness where the Father is supplying my need. I can release every person from obligation to me and say, “You owe me nothing.” Inside the family and outside the family, you owe me nothing. I and my Father are one, and it is the Father that is supplying me at every step.

And then, in the normal way, those are drawn into my orbit whom I can benefit and who can be benefited by me and who in some way will reciprocate that benefit. But remember, I have no responsibility. I do not have to run up and down the world looking for people, or customers, or patients, or students, or dollars. I can abide at the center of my being. A whole new area of consciousness has opened. I am now one with the Infinite Source of life, and this Infinite Source is coming to me.

Now, this particular Principle led to the major healing Principle of The Infinite Way. Up until this particular time, the healing work in the metaphysical field was on a more personal basis. In other words, a practitioner probably tried to uncover the error in you, or the practitioner discovered the error and then told you how you must be more loving, or more generous, or more grateful, or something or other. Then you thought about your mother-in-law or Mr. Hitler, and you found it impossible.

But this Principle revealed to us a new Principle in Spiritual healing. And this one does not take you into consideration. This one does not believe that you have a single error of any nature. We still wouldn’t believe you had an error, if we saw you steal a whole bank load of money. Why? Because with this revelation came this: Evil is so impersonal that it isn’t a person at all that is evil. The one source of evil is what centuries ago was called devil or Satan but which in our modern days was given the title of mortal mind or that Paul called “the carnal mind.” Now, you can take any of these names that you like. They all mean the same—devil, Satan, mortal mind, or carnal mind. And the meaning is that this devil, Satan, mortal mind, or carnal mind is the source of all evil, of sin, of false appetites, of disease. Therefore, it’s not you. It’s Satan, or carnal mind, or mortal mind.

If you are faithful, and at first you’ll find it difficult, if you are faithful in looking at every person, regardless of what appearance of evil they present, and say to yourself, “Thank God, I’ve discovered it isn’t you that are evil. It isn’t you that is impatient. It isn’t you that is unloving. It isn’t you that’s unforgiving. It’s carnal mind or mortal mind.” The moment you do that you separate the evil from the person. You no longer pin it on them and then try to get rid of it. You immediately separate it from them the minute you can say, “Why no, cancer doesn’t come, because you hate your mother-in-law. Rheumatism doesn’t come, because you resent something. There is no such thing as a mental cause for a physical disease.