aug ’55

Infinite Way Letter

August 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 1 of 7

Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice

        The spiritual masters of old and the modern pioneers sacrificed their lives that we might have the truths that go to make up the state of consciousness that has brought us where we are today. The light that we have is the result of the light that has come down through all time. There are many whom we have no way of knowing, but there are many whom we can identify—Lao Tse, Buddha, Krishna, Shankara, Boddisattva, Jesus, John, Paul, Eckhart, Boehme, Fox, and other mystics of the twelfth to the seventeenth centuries, and the great leaders and revelators of more recent years. No one individual has given the Light to the world, but each of these great spiritual prophets has been a beam of light contributing to the Whole Light, and each has added to the mystical knowledge of the world. With this vast fund of mystical wisdom, one would think that all the earth would be free. It is strange to know that there is a God, an infinite Power of Good, and yet to witness the discords and inharmonies that still exist thousands of years after these revelations of Truth.

        The Infinite Way is a modern-day unfoldment of the activity of the Spirit of God in individual consciousness; a revelation that the kingdom of heaven is on earth—now, and that the kingdom of God is within you

        This revelation has brought peace, harmony, healing and supply to people throughout all ages. Long before the days of Jesus, when the Christ was appearing on earth in other forms, many received this revelation, accepted it, and were enables to demonstrate the presence and power of God in their individual experience. In every age, however, only a few benefited, while the majority continued to exist under oppression of war and slavery. At the time when the teachings of Buddha and Krishna were a light in human consciousness, a great and noble spiritual civilization existed in India, but even in that period of enlightenment there prevailed all the injustices and cruelties of the caste system. The Roman wars of the Caesars were taking place at the very time the Master was revealing the principle of Divine Love through the miracles of healing the sick, feeding the poor, and raising the dead.

        Even in this present day of enlightened Christianity, when existent in the minds of men is a principle that heals the body, increases supply, and brings harmony and integrity into our individual lives, starvation of mind, body and Soul is evident on every hand. It has always been thus: a few have received the light of spiritual consciousness by being brought into contact with the Lao Tses, the Buddhas or the Jesuses that have existed throughout all ages, but the great mass of mankind has lived on the outer fringe, totally unaware that present, with them and within them, is the means of salvation.

            Many students of Truth have benefited by this light in some degree or another, and have witnessed its healing ministry, but still have not brought into their individual experience the full benefits that could be derived by a more active awakening on their part. For instance, if there were shades on all your windows, you would be in darkness, without benefit of the light and warmth of the sun. It would be foolishness to close your eyes in meditation and, upon opening them, expect the blinds to be removed. If you want the blinds removed, it is your function to remove them! It is useless for any student of The Infinite Way to believe that there is some kind of a miracle-working God who is going to be his private, personal and very special emissary. Spiritual wisdom reveals that the activity of Truth must take place in individual consciousness, and so there remains one thing: the individual responsibility, or the responsibility of the individual to recognize the truth, accept it, and practice it until such time as his whole life is a visible, living testimony to Truth and Grace.

        In John 13:5-34, we read that the Master washed the feet of the disciples, and gave them a new commandment: “That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that we also love one another.” To this day, on Maundy Thursday of each year, the reigning monarch of England commemorates this occasion by washing the feet of the poor, and giving them food and coins as a reminder that there must be a sense of humility, charity and brotherly love in the lives of all men. If you are able to see through this ceremony to the principle behind it, you will find a lesson which will be of great benefit, but only if you accept and practice it. The principle behind this holy day is that from out of our infinity we share our abundance with those who do not yet know the infinite nature of their individual being through their Christhood.

        Where is this abundance from which you are to share? God is the creative Principle of all that exists. God is the Source, the Fount of all good: the measure of good is infinity, and there can be no limit to the amount of good to be shared. To the people of the world this means nothing, but to those of spiritual vision it means, “I and my Father are one; Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” Those of spiritual vision must acknowledge that since God is the Creative Principle of all that is, creation must be infinite; since the relationship between God and His Son is oneness, you have an infinity to share. Although outwardly it may seem that you have but one dollar, in the recognition of the infinite nature of your own being you can take at least one coin and say, “Out of the visible evidence of my infinity, I will share that which I have.”

        On the scale of the Spirit, money is the least of that which we have to give, so let us not look to the purse to see how many dollars we have. “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee.” Turn to the infinite consciousness within and see how much of forgiveness, justice, kindness, freedom, harmony and wholeness you can bestow. Count your wealth by the realization of your Sonship with God. Every truth that has been revealed from the beginning of time is given as living scripture, to be embodied within you, lived and practiced. “I and my Father are one….All things that the Father hath are mine,” does not mean anything unless you are willing to take that truth into consciousness, and practice it daily by beginning to give and to share. This is an omnipresent principle, but it will produce nothing in the way of harmony and peace unless you, as an individual, practice it.

        How are students of spiritual wisdom to conduct themselves and practice this principle so that the sins, lacks, diseases and discords of the world do not enter in? The 91st Psalm promises, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” The 15th Chapter of John promises, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” In both cases the responsibility is upon your shoulder to dwell consciously in the secret place of the most High; to abide in the Word, and let the Word abide in you. Living the spiritual life is not a matter of mere blind faith, saying, “I believe in God, so let God do it.” In the spiritual life these principles must be brought actively and consciously into bearing upon your every thought. You must pray without ceasing! You must know the truth without ceasing!

     End Part 1