The World is New

From – The World Is New

By Joel Goldsmith


Inasmuch as I am not interested in making any person a better or healthier human being but only in bringing him into the divine Reality of his own being which is God, I pay no attention to him as a human being. Only in the sacred and secret recesses of consciousness, in communion with God, do all those with any degree of receptivity who are a part of my consciousness come into that outflow of God. Sometimes the patient says, “I got your thought.” He did not!  What he received was not my thought but an impartation from God Itself in the center of his being, because the God at the center of his being is the God at the center of my being.  So it is not necessary to reach out to a patient or to find him out in space.  Whether he is in the room with me or six thousand miles away, the spiritual essence of him is right where I am, right within my own Soul-consciousness.

When I want to help a person, I do not think of him as a human being as a patient or student, or as a man or woman.  I close my eyes and reach God within me, and when I have reached God, I have reached the spiritual center of the person’s being; and it will awaken and quicken him to the reality of his being.  That is what happens in a spiritual treatment going within to God, to the center of my being and of his being, which are one and the same being.

As we progress spiritually, we devote less and less time to working out our own problems, but if and when the opportunity presents itself, we work on the problems of as many others as come into our orbit.  We must be willing to give help to those who ask for it, to have no hesitancy in giving it, regardless of the urgency or seriousness of the call, remembering that as human beings, we have no power to give it.  It is only in the degree that we touch the divinity of our being that our help is effective.


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