Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice (2/7)

The false laws of economics which have led nations into bankruptcy are man-made laws. There is only one true law of economics—the spiritual law: the more you give, the more you have.

Infinite Way Letter

August 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of 7


Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice – continued


        Every parent or head of a household has a spiritual responsibility to the members of his household. Of course, this does not involve living their lives, since each is a free individual, each is on a different level of consciousness, and each responds to different impulses. Even within the same family it is inevitable that one will take the glorious path of uprightness, while another must take the downward path of the prodigal son. You cannot prevent one or the other, but that does not lessen your spiritual responsibility to bring to conscious remembrance every truth that you know of God, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient; God, infinite, good, available and practical.

        Many elderly people have permitted themselves to grow old, not merely through the unfoldment of time but, through ignorance, have also taken on senility and infirmity. Far beyond the human responsibility of caring for them, yours is the spiritual responsibility of realizing that the Father and Son are one. God is the life of these dear ones, and if the Father is ageless, the Son is ageless: therefore, they have perfect life, eternal life and immortal life.

        At certain seasons of the year you are confronted with epidemics of this, that and the other thing, and the world beliefs about the dangers to which your children are subjected. Frequently you hear that this or that one has a child’s disease, together with the expressed hope that he will get two more so as to get them over. This is utter nonsense: none of these things can some nigh your dwelling place if you are praying without ceasing. Here it is well to remember one thing: you have no children! They are the Children of God, and God is their life, their Soul, their being. This also is true in the classroom. A teacher who has learned spiritual wisdom has a responsibility far beyond teaching A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s, and that is to realize that these are not child-minds and child-bodies, but that each is the Mind of God, disclosing and revealing Itself; each is the Temple of the living God, unfolding normally, joyfully, innocently and harmoniously.       

        Philosophy and religion teach that we are poor, weak mortals, and yet they acknowledge that God is our Father. Is that not sin? God is our Father, therefore we are divine sons, subject only to the government of the Father! We are Children of God, and we have the infinite spiritual storehouse of the Father to draw upon for life and love, for forgiveness, justice and mercy, for integrity, loyalty and fidelity. The very Soul of God is your individual Soul, and it is out of that Soul (the kingdom of God within you) that your good flows. However, it is available only in the degree of your knowing the truth, consciously realizing it, practicing and making it a part of your own being.

        Every individual who, by Grace of God, has been given one tiny bit of spiritual wisdom must practice it! The practice of spiritual wisdom is called prayer, and it is through prayer that the harmonies of God become evident in your experience. The degree of your own unfoldment depends upon how much you practice the Presence of God each day. The presence of God is the presence of Truth, the presence of Life, the presence of harmony, the presence of wholeness. You must practice, whether on your knees scrubbing floors, or on your knees before the altar. Pray—pray without ceasing! “For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance.” If you have more spiritual light than other members of your family, more is expected and demanded of you. This may entail awakening earlier in the morning, and consciously (I emphasize that word “consciously”) realizing that the so-called laws of matter and disease are not laws—they are but human theories, beliefs and opinions. The false laws of economics which have led nations into bankruptcy are man-made laws. There is only one true law of economics—the spiritual law: the more you give, the more you have.

        God is Spirit. God is infinite. Therefore, Spirit is infinite, and Spirit is all there is. Spiritual law is the only law. Spiritual life is the only life. Spiritual intelligence is the only wisdom. Spiritual guidance is the only guidance. However true this may be, it will not help you or your families to the degree that it should unless you, yourself, embody this truth. Outwardly, the spiritual life will appear to be a way of doing nothing: inwardly, it is a way of constant spiritual activity in consciousness; a continuous knowing of the truth. Harmony is brought into your experience in proportion as this truth is active in your consciousness.

        You may wonder if there is never a rest from this. I can assure you that in the twenty-five years of my study and practice there has been no end to it. Instead, the activity seems to increase with each day. From the moment that you begin to consciously know the truth and permit truth to be active in your consciousness, you will find yourself being called upon by relatives and friends, and even by strangers who perceive that you have something of which they have need. Family life will always be your first consideration, but in addition to all the truth you must know for them, it will also be necessary to know a little more for those who come to you. This practice compels you to dwell in the secret place of the most High for even longer periods and, in its turn, draws still more unto you, and this wheel within a wheel continues until you find yourself being drawn upon from all quarters. For the person on the spiritual Path there is no such thing as day or night, no such thing as a holiday. Every minute of every day belongs to God, and you may be called upon any hour of the twenty-four, any day of the seven.

        The demonstration of spiritual principles calls for steadfastness in devotion and purpose. Since God is the only law and the only law-giver, it naturally follows that the only law operating in human consciousness is spiritual law. Even though it has been brought to your attention repeatedly that there is no law of disease, no law of sin, no law of lack, it does not mean that instantly you will be free of all discords. It means that each time you are tempted to experience such discords in your own life or the lives of those who look to you, you will be called upon to stand fast in your realization that it exists only as an appearance, and that it is not happening in Reality: because God alone is Truth, and Spirit alone is Reality there is no law to sustain it. There will be times, when confronted with some appearance of great need, that you will be inclined to discouragement, but that is not the way of the Spirit. Jesus was tempted at every step on His journey, and even when the devil left Him, he left only for a season: always the tempter returned in one form or another, until finally, at Gethsemane and on Calvary, the Master was faced with the temptation to believe that even God had forsaken Him. While to appearances it would seem that mounting a cross to be crucified meant an absence of God or a lack of demonstration, nevertheless in the steadfastness of His own realization that “I and my Father are one,” there could be no absence of God.

End Part 2


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