Infinite Way Letter
May 1956
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 6 of 6

Part Three – continued

No one is ever in truth until he takes the truth into his consciousness and begins to live it. The way to do this is to understand that we are the spiritual offspring of God, and are, therefore, God-governed, God-maintained, and God-sustained. That must be an unshakable conviction within us. To know that God infinite, and that “I and my Father are one,” is the basic principle of The Infinite Way. But this alone is not enough. In addition, it is necessary to understand that whatever in human belief claims to cause sin, disease, lack, limitation, and death is but a belief and not a law, is but a theory and not a demonstrated fact. Such understanding begins to dispel the discords from our experience.

Christopher Columbus was one of the few men in the fifteenth century who believed the earth to be a sphere. Most of his contemporaries were convinced that the earth was flat and that the sky and the water met at the horizon. But this one man, in his correct perception of the world as it is, not only was himself no longer in bondage to world belief, but also was instrumental in freeing others from the imitations of this belief. We must recognize that there are universal beliefs which operate in consciousness, even though we may never have heard of them.

Theories of materia medica, astrology, or theology, are not laws but beliefs entertained in human thought; and because they are merely beliefs they can only affect the believer. Everybody may believe in sin, disease, lack, limitation, and death, but one enlightened soul, one Christ Jesus, nullifies these beliefs, not only for himself, but for the multitudes. We can be of the ignorant multitudes who live according to material law, or we can be one of the spiritually illumined, who comes out and is separate. We can be the ones to realize: “No longer do these mass beliefs operate in or through my consciousness. My consciousness is a vehicle for God, a channel for Truth. My body is an instrument for the expression of Life, Truth, Love, harmony, wholeness, and perfection. My whole consciousness is alive, alert, awake, receptive, and responsive to Truth. Into it nothing can enter that defileth or maketh a lie.

None of these world beliefs, none of the theories of materia medica, astrology, or theology—none of these can enter my consciousness. I understand such ideas to be beliefs and not laws.” Universal beliefs are power only to those who accept them, or to those who do not recognize that the cause of their discord is a universal belief accepted as law. The moment we recognize discord for what it is, a universal belief, it cannot operate in our consciousness as cause or law. Only God and the things and thoughts of God can operate in the consciousness of one who is awake to this truth.

To live as a beholder, we must hold these two important principles always before us:
1. God is infinite, all. “I and my Father are one,” and all that the Father hath is mine; and only that which emanates from the Father can, and does, manifest in and through me.
2. Error is a universal belief, a world belief, always with without presence or power, or law to sustain it.
In this wisdom, let us recognize all discords as universal belief; let us “wait on the Lord”; let us be beholders of God, guiding, maintaining, and sustaining Its own; God fulfilling Itself as individual being. Then “we shall see him as he is”—God appearing as the wholeness, the abundance, the harmony, the peace, and the joy of our experience.
End Part 6