New video audio’s today in the Secret of the Resurrection series.

Intimate and beautiful is this offering to you. Joel says:

Now, in this experience of grace, where an immunity is developed to the things of law, you can begin to understand that you are living in an entirely different world. Because now you don’t have to consider the law, you don’t have to consider or be concerned, or as the Master said take thought for your life; you don’t have to take thought for your life about what you shall eat or what you shall drink or wherewithal ye shall be clothed; you don’t have to take thought for your life about your future or the latter years. Why? Because having found the kingdom of God, dwelling now in the kingdom of God, there is something else taking the responsibility for your entire experience. You learn now the government is on His shoulder. Whose shoulder? This spiritual entity or divine Son, which is now raised up in us.

An experience of grace is being offered to you. What words need to used for you to accept this offer? Joel tries in many ways. But in the end it is your decision that you want to experience the Christ in you. The time is now!