Today in the Secret of the Resurrection Series 3 new video’s.  First “Overcoming the World”:

The Light that Dispels Darkness is the second.

The last one that is posted today is:

Attaining the Light that Dispels Darkness.

Joel says in this excerpt how to start your day:

Acknowledge God in all thy ways. I acknowledge that I couldn’t wake up in the morning if there weren’t the presence of God to awaken me. Or, I would certainly not awaken healthy, happy, and joyous if it weren’t that the presence of God made Itself felt. I acknowledge that this is the day the Lord hath made, and this is the day in which God governs this day, and therefore, my activities throughout this day are under the government of God, under the jurisdiction of infinite intelligence, of divine love. Therefore, I cannot be capable of anything this day except that which would be a showing forth of God’s wisdom and God’s love.

But listen to this: