1961 Waikiki Infinite Way Center

Joel S. Goldsmith

387B – Attaining the Light that Dispels Darkness 1/5


Last week before we ended our meeting I suggested a little exercise for this week, and I’m wondering how many were able to consistently work with it through the week? Oh! That’s a lot. That’s a lot, and did you have experiences with it? Was it beneficial?

Now, the reason that I asked this is this: I hope you really believe that ten righteous men in a city could save the city. I hope you really believe that one hundred people in this world could save the world from all the disasters that threaten it—just one hundred people, or less, could do that, because we have seen how one individual could influence the lives of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands.

One individual like Moses could influence and benefit the entire Hebrew race of his day. One man like Jesus Christ could influence and benefit millions of people for twenty centuries, and probably the benefit of his work will benefit more from now on than even up to this present time.

Think of how the life of Mrs. Eddy has affected the entire religious world throughout the globe, and think how many millions of people have experienced physical, mental, moral, and financial healings through that one woman’s consciousness, and if you stop to think of that then you must realize the power there is in one individual spiritual consciousness.

Of course, you could multiply all of this. Remember I’m only … for brevity’s sake I’m only mentioning a few, but you could go all the way back to Lao-Tzu and to Buddha, and you could come all the way up to modern times, and take in the Fillmores and so many others whom you could name, who have influenced lives beneficially, who have blessed, who have brought peace and harmony.

And so, as you read the lives of the religious lights of the world, and see the influence that every individual one of them has had on countless thousands, and sometimes millions, you will understand what I mean when I say that ten righteous men can save a city. A hundred righteous men and women could save, really, the entire world.

And so we come down to the question: What do we mean by “righteous?” What do we mean by ten righteous men? It has nothing to do with people of good morals. It has nothing to do with people of what we call religious aspects. The word “righteous” has to do with attained spiritual consciousness. It has to do with actual developed spiritual consciousness, the same mind that was in Christ Jesus, the same consciousness that has influenced all spiritual lights.

Some of you know, and I would like all of you to know, that the same spirit that animated Lao-Tzu and Buddha was the very same spirit that animated Jesus Christ, and the spirit that animated Jesus Christ was the self‑same spirit that has animated every spiritual light, male or female, throughout all time. In other words, there is only one spirit, and there is only one spiritual consciousness. And that same spirit that performed its work through Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jesus, John, Paul, that same spirit is the spirit of every individual who attains spiritual consciousness. In other words, they attain the consciousness of the same spirit that has animated every spiritual life. Therefore, it has the same power. It has the same influence, and it always does the same miraculous works.

Now, the major function of this spirit as it operates as individual spiritual consciousness is to break the attachment of the human mind to forms and effects. In other words, it acts as a law of non‑attachment, so that the effect of the operation of this spirit is that an individual loses their fear of the destructive elements of human life, and they also lose their love of those things that temporarily seem good, but which eventually are destructive.

In other words, it destroys the love, hate, and fear of external appearances, external powers, external laws. An individual who attains some measure of this spirit is enabled to say: “What did hinder you? Pick up your bed and walk,” realizing that there is no power in the effect, no power in an external condition.

In the same way, an individual who has attained even a grain of spiritual consciousness can enjoy the things of this world, but never be attached to them, never be willing to lie for them or steal for them or cheat for them, but always willing and able to enjoy them as they come into one’s experience normally, harmoniously, without loss or injury to another.

And so, we come to the major question then—how is this consciousness attained? With all of my reading, and with all of the unfoldments and revelations I have received, I have found only one way—one way that has been known throughout all the ages, and has been taught throughout all the ages. I’m not speaking now of the first experience, which is that of divine grace, which comes to certain individuals without their knowledge, or without their preparation on this plane. They probably and undoubtedly have been prepared by previous lives, but as you examine their lives on this plane, you cannot understand why it is that one individual, here or there, by some act of the grace of God has attained a spiritual consciousness that they have not deliberately built. But these experiences are rare, and these individuals are rare.

For the most part, spiritual consciousness is developed. As, for instance, the twelve disciples of the Master—none of those received it by divine grace as the Master did. Each one of those attained it through the instruction of the Master, and evidently an obedience to the teachings that he gave them. In the same way that many have had the experience of sudden illumination, some even in their childhood, and then gone out to become teachers, and sometimes religious leaders, but their students, their disciples, and their apostles had to learn it, had to develop it, had to work with it, and it is because of this that we know there is only one way.

This one way is divided up into several different approaches, but it is always the same way, and I will illustrate that for you. In the Hebrew Testament we read, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. And here we have one of these approaches: keeping the mind stayed on God. Keeping the mind stayed on God will eventually bring about a spiritualization of consciousness. The degree of that is determined by the degree of keeping the mind stayed on God.

Another passage from Hebrew scripture is: Lean not unto thine own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways and He will give thee peace, rest. And, here again, watch as if you were going to use that particular passage, watch what would happen to you as you allowed yourself to think: Lean not unto thine own understanding. Relax; don’t try to struggle for an understanding or to use your own knowledge. Acknowledge Him, acknowledge God in all thy ways.

Acknowledge God in all thy ways. I acknowledge that I couldn’t wake up in the morning if there weren’t the presence of God to awaken me. Or, I would certainly not awaken healthy, happy, and joyous if it weren’t that the presence of God made Itself felt. I acknowledge that this is the day the Lord hath made, and this is the day in which God governs this day, and therefore, my activities throughout this day are under the government of God, under the jurisdiction of infinite intelligence, of divine love. Therefore, I cannot be capable of anything this day except that which would be a showing forth of God’s wisdom and God’s love.