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Joel says:

God is the substance of this universe. Turning back to Genesis, you find that God made this world and all that is in the world. God made the crops in the ground. God made the ground even before the crops, and the crops and the trees and the waters and the fish and man. God made all of this, but God was infinite, so what did God form this universe of except of Its own being, of the substance of Its own Self? Therefore, it is God Itself that is the substance of everything we behold. Then how could we acquire anything separate and apart from its substance? How could we acquire anything without the awareness of the principle, substance, or life of which everything is formed?

There we come to the first principle in our searching for prosperity. First of all, give up all concern for the forms of good that you are seeking. Those forms will come once you have the substance out of which they are made.

And the substance of all is God. God is infinite, divine consciousness, and it therefore becomes necessary that we attain the consciousness of God, that we achieve the consciousness, or conscious awareness of God, that we come to a place in consciousness where we can say: Yet in my flesh I have seen God face to face.