I mentioned yesterday this idea of these two men who had been healed of at least the acute sense of intoxication by the two girls knowing the truth. Now you see there was a specific truth in consciousness and reciting the fact that matter is not a law won’t stop alcohol from intoxicating one. But living and moving with this truth will develop a state of consciousness and ultimately intoxication will have no place and no presence, no power in your presence. And no one will be able to indulge any great degree of alcoholism if any, in your presence, if your consciousness becomes imbued with the truth that there are no laws of matter. Do you see that point?

Now however, you must carry that to see what the laws are that tell about the power of alcohol, the power of infection, the power of contagion, the power of accident. These are all laws of matter. And think of all the cases that you know where laws of matter are holding people in bondage to sin, disease, death, old age, lack, and limitation. Why every appearance of age is nothing more or less than a belief that matter has a law and the law is: deterioration in time. Do you see that? But now one point like that can change a person’s entire life. Grasping, understanding one point like that can change not only their life but the lives of all who touch them.

But you can see now why I say that it is not given to everybody who studies truth to be a good practitioner. But it’s for this reason: there are certain specific truths that must be known, but not merely intellectually known, known, understood, repeated, affirmed, declared, until they become embodied in consciousness. I don’t mean used like affirmations in the usual metaphysical teachings, but I mean every time that you go on the street and behold some form of deformity, sin, disease, error—consciousness must be alert! There are no laws of matter, laws of matter aren’t laws but beliefs and they aren’t power. God is the only power. And that must be done consciously, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty times a day—every time you witness a form of discord on the street, in your household, wherever you may be. The activity of truth in your consciousness is the secret.

But how active is truth in your consciousness? How much alive can you make it? And this allows, you see, no time or space for an hour of gossip at tea time. You can’t do this one hour a day and go back to human thinking eight hours a day. You can’t do this even eight hours a day and go back to human thinking sixteen hours a day. This has to be a rigid code of acceptance: I accept that matter is not a law and has no law. Then, twenty-four hours a day refute every appearance of a law of matter until it becomes so imbued in consciousness that just walking down the street dispels these erroneous appearances. Do you see that?

The same thing is true in our work. Many, many people come to this work, and you’d be surprised how many of them discover in a few weeks or a few months that now they know all the truth there is. Know as much as Teacher does; don’t need Teacher anymore. It seems to become a matter of pride, and say “Why I don’t need a teacher anymore.” Aaah, they get that way. Years and years and years must be devoted to the development of consciousness.

If one has to do it alone it can be done; if one can have the benefit of practitioner or teacher to help them that’s the most wonderful help and a time saver on the Way. Believe me, doing it alone is the hard way and the long way. Just as doing it with those who have not attained the spiritual consciousness is another tough method. But find a practitioner or find a teacher who has, through their lives, shown forth the fruitage of their spiritual understanding and stick with them until you know you can walk on the water. There’s no disgrace in being taught; that’s just one of our American get rich quick ideas that we don’t need our banker and we don’t need our mother and father very long and we don’t need our teacher very long. We can always do it ourselves so much better and in a hurry too. Hasn’t worked so well in the past so let’s be a little more patient.

Do you see how these sessions fill a need that the regular classwork doesn’t do? And, as Al Jolson used to say, “You haven’t even seen anything yet!”

I spoke of that false sense of “I.” When you learn to sit back and commune with the Father and you get this first awareness of the Presence, you’ll very quickly know that I of my own self can do nothing. And you will know then why you must watch the word “I” that will at some time or other try to convince you that it was your understanding or your spirituality or your goodness or your living the life or your sacrifice of material things that brought it about. Don’t ever believe it. God brought it about. It may be true that you would never have had your God contact but for these other things, but you can’t even take credit for those since it was God that brought you to the sacrifice of material things. It was God that kept your nose to the grindstone. It was God that sends you chasing all over the United States, Africa, and India or where not for instruction. It is God that makes you pick up your baggage and say, “Let’s go here, there, and the other place.” It’s God that holds you to your books hours a day or to recordings hours a day. It isn’t you, and it isn’t your desire for God. It’s God’s presence breaking through so in no wise use the word “I.” In no wise believe that any spirituality on your part, or any abstaining from coffee or tea or meat or sex, that that’s going to do it. No, no, no. When the Spirit comes through It may take some of those things from you. If it does fine, you’ll never miss them. If It doesn’t, Spirit cannot be obstructed in Its work, so don’t think that your cup of coffee or tea or your piece of meat is going to stop God operating. No. God cannot be hindered in Its operation.

All you are called on to do is make your contact. Make it, and then let God dispel both for you and for your patient and for your student whatever is unnecessary in their experience at that particular time. Always remember we can live without meat. We can, but it’s very difficult until the spiritual sense has taken over. In other words, while we are living in a sense of the physical body, we require not only air but fresh air and I doubt that any of us are ready to say that we would do too well without air or without fresh air. And so it is that our mode of living has attuned our bodies to certain demands and those demands, especially in our country take the form of a need for meat. Now then, we do not live by bread alone. Aha! The word alone is in there. We do not live by meat alone, but for a while we require meat. Now then, as the Spirit takes over It eliminates that and people can go forever without meat or for months or for years without it with no injurious effect. But why? Because the Spirit is doing that which formally was the function of meat.

And so it is; it is said in scripture that death is the last enemy that shall be overcome and I ask you to believe, not merely for your own sake, but for your patients and your students please believe that sex is the next to the last enemy that will be overcome, if it is an enemy. And if it is overcome it will be overcome not by repression or suppression. It will be overcome by the activity of the Spirit taking its place and in no other way. And so, whatever our human sense of goodness may embody, whatever our human sense of rightness may be, please remember this: let the Spirit bring about the necessary correction. Then, when the Spirit does it—and how do we let the Spirit do it? Through this inner communication or communion or oneness or attunement with God. As we more and more feel that flow of the Spirit, we lose the sense of outer needs—outer entertainment, outer toys of any nature, outer joys, outer things. The inner fulfills in every case.

And so when you’re dealing with your patients, when you’re dealing with your students do not try to correct them humanly. Do not try to make them better humans. Give them the spirit of truth, give them the benefit of meditation and communion and let the Spirit do the correcting and the improving and the healing and the reforming. Is that clear?

Sometimes you’re apt to tell them what your demonstration is and they try to make it like Peter tried to make the Master’s demonstration of walking on the water and they may not make it. And you may not be standing by to save them. So do not try to make the demonstration for your patient or student, rather leave them in their error for a while while you support them spiritually until the Spirit takes over and then you’ll have a person not merely who has become a good human you’ll have a person who has become fed, maintained, and sustained by the Spirit.

Well, isn’t that a lot of fun?…Tonight anyhow. Thank you