Did you ever stop to realize any healing that you’ve ever experienced of your own or another’s has been a proof that there are no laws of matter? Let us take a simple cold, which is based on the belief of germs. Every cold is based on the germ theory or belief. There’s a germ that passes from one to another. A germ that we contract or contact and it gets into our system and does something to it, thereby proving a law of matter. Ah, but now you go to a metaphysician who never touches a piece of matter, who doesn’t have to come within three thousand miles of your physical self and the cold disappears. Where is that law of matter? Can a law be overcome? No. Nobody can overcome a law.

There’s a law of like begetting like: roses come from roses, peaches from peaches, white from white, black from black. Can you overcome it? No. Can you set it aside? Can you have an exception to it to prove the rule? No. Two times two are four; you can’t have it ever come five or three. There’s no such thing as an exception to a rule, nor is there such a thing as a violation, I mean of a law. Nor is there such thing as a violation of a law or the setting aside a law. So if the germ theory were a law, no Christian Science treatment or Unity treatment or Infinite Way treatment or even mental treatment would ever stop that law from operating.

Now every law, every healing then is a proof that there is no such thing as a law of matter. Ah, but you say, “Look at the hospitals, look at the cemeteries…” Certainly, they are living witnesses to the power of a belief of material law, that is of a consciousness apart from God, because all of those things are happening in this state of consciousness which is called material or human.

Is it happening in God consciousness? No, no. Does it happen to anyone who is in God consciousness? No. Do practitioners get the diseases of their patients? No. Do practitioners have to wash in alcohol and perfume themselves with antisepticides and all the rest of these things? No, no. Why? Because there is no such thing as physical contamination, because there are no laws of matter. Now I do believe that metaphysicians (because the first approach to this work was the mental) actually accepted the belief that although there was no physical contamination there was mental contamination, and so they began to fear certain types of thoughts, fearing that the thought of one person, a bad thought, an evil thought, a revengeful thought, or a sensual thought could pass from one individual to another. They’d already overcome the belief that diseases couldn’t pass from one to another physically but oh, they could mentally.

Well, now let’s come up a step higher than that and understand that the mental and the physical states of consciousness are merely two levels of the same consciousness. Now, whatever would apply in the material realm applies in the mental. If there are no laws of contamination in the material realm, there are none in the mental, because they are the same realm.

Now of course in the spiritual realm there is a law of contamination. You’re always being contaminated by God with qualities of God and activities of God and these are contagious! They’ll spread right in this room from one to another so fast you’ll be surprised how we all go out of here contaminated with God qualities. Yes, only we won’t call it contamination, we’ll call it what? Grace—the love of God, the gift of God. But please understand that we must begin somewhere in the letter of truth so that if we have the spirit of truth first, the letter of truth will at least give us something on which to base ourselves, so as not go off into blind alleys. Or if we haven’t the measure of the spirit of truth we can develop it through the awareness of the letter of truth.

Let us explain that: if you only take this one point that there are no laws of matter, just this one point—we’ll have it in class during the evening sessions—one point: there are no laws of matter. You know what that means? It really means that there are no laws of two things occupying the same place; so there are no laws of accident. There are no laws of matter. That is, so called laws of matter aren’t law; they’re belief, and a belief will never hurt anyone that isn’t a believer. You have to believe a belief in order to suffer from it. If you don’t believe it, it can’t touch you.

Now then, that one point entertained over a period of days or weeks or months will result in such a change of consciousness that every time some claim, appearance, or belief of law, material law, comes automatically it will be dispelled like light dispels darkness. That’s what I mean by—in our classwork you’ll hear much about the activity of truth in consciousness. Now this is what I mean by activity of truth in consciousness: you take one point—only carry it further than I did, you search your thoughts and see all or see how many laws of matter that you’re aware of and that you’ve believed were actual laws. Oh, people have hay fever because of flowers, the rest of us get joy because of flowers. Is there a law of matter? In that case, no. But try to tell that to the hay fever sufferers—can’t be done. In the same way with asthma, same way with tuberculosis, same way with cancer. Why, cancer is the belief of certain laws of matter, cellular laws. But if they were laws a cancer would never be healed through this work. They are healed; someday they all will be healed through it.

One point like that entertained in thought, that particular activity of truth in consciousness will develop a spirit or consciousness of truth so that many times, without a conscious thought, a law of matter will be brought to your attention and dispelled, sometimes without your doing anything consciously about it. The mere fact that you’re in that higher consciousness that recognizes, gives no honor to laws of matter, dispels it. That is why many of our good workers now have come to the place where it is not necessary for them to give a treatment because their consciousness is so imbued with these truths that very little in the way of treatment and often nothing in the way of treatment is necessary to dispel the illusory sense.

Also, this will explain now to some of you who have perhaps tried to practice without success or have not had the success in practice to which you’re entitled, this may explain it to you. You can’t have any greater healing success than your consciousness of truth. And so, if you haven’t a clear, clear assurance of the truth, that there are no laws of matter, if you haven’t attained some measure of consciousness of that, don’t expect too much in the way of healing. In other words, even to go out of here with the statement “there are no laws of matter” may not result immediately in healing work. You may have them at once, and then you may have them disappear in a week or two or three. It’ll be up to you whether or not you take a point like this and hold to it on every occasion until it becomes a spiritual law—this truth becomes a spiritual law within your being.