Now, you see God never created a material universe and there isn’t any. There is only our material sense of universe, and therefore, supply is spiritual; therefore, supply is infinite. Let us see if we can prove that. Almost all of you can go back in memory to the depression years, and so just for the sake of this lesson let us do it, for a moment, and let’s look out on this world and see if there was any less of vegetables, of fruits, of coal, oil, diamonds, platinum, uranium, any less of birds, any less of fish, any less of water, any less of salt, sugar. Was there even any less dollars? Did the gold supply disappear? Were there any less of pearls? No, you see the supply was just as infinite in the 1930’s as it is in this inflation time of the 1960’s—just as much supply.

And yet, think—and I speak only of our own country with its infinite abundance—think of the poverty there was, the lack, the limitation there was in those ten years, and yet, there was no less of supply. Why then were we individually limited? And there is only one answer. We entertain a physical sense of supply, and as long as we do, we will be limited, and that is why even corporations with millions and millions and millions of dollars sometimes have financial problems. That is why all of the governments of the world are bankrupt—not because there is any less supply than there ever was, but because we entertain a physical sense of supply.

You can watch your own experience that in the degree, and only in the degree, that you can lose your physical sense of supply, your own supply will increase, and multiply and multiply and multiply. Not by doing anything out here. Merely by becoming a contemplator, a meditator, and leaving this so-called outside world with its sense of limitation alone, and coming to realize the meaning of this: I am the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water. I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more abundantly. I am the resurrection—not the medicine bottle, not the surgery, not the diets—I am the resurrection. And I and my Father are one, therefore, all that the Father hath is mine, and therefore, infinity is the measure of my supply. Ah! But not merely my supply. There too is limitation—just putting that word ‘my’ in brings about a limitation. Since I embody the infinity of supply, I am also your supply, and that supply is infinite. We are conditioned then by entertaining a physical sense of the universe and a physical sense of body.

On the night before the New York Fair opened, it was announced, in New York, that this sit-in would take place, stall-in, to prevent the opening of the fair, and the leader of the group announced that nothing in heaven or on earth can stop it, and it didn’t take place. There were those functioning in this message who sat and looked right out there at that statement: ‘Nothing in heaven or on earth can stop it.’ Is there any power in heaven or on earth greater than I Am?

Now, ponder that. Contemplate that statement. Is there any power in heaven or on earth greater than I Am? I am life eternal. I am the life of the world. I am the resurrection. I am the bread, the meat, the wine, the water. I. I am the only power there is, and beside Me there is no power. Contemplate that. Meditate upon that. Is there a power in heaven or on earth greater than I Am? And then, face the waves with that and the storms and the depressions and the epidemics and the threats of war, because as you have learned in this message, the secret of harmonious living is in impersonalizing. There is no evil man, and there are no evil men, and there are no evil powers. All there is is a physical, finite sense of God, man, and the universe.

Even God has been reduced to statues. God has been reduced, and God’s power, to metals. God and God’s power has been reduced to men’s names, and in that wise, finite existence. For I am not person, I am God, and beside Me there is no power in heaven or on earth, for I alone am. Prayer, as it is understood in the world, is likewise physical and finite. God, send me my rent. God, remove my rheumatism. God, send my children through school. God, give me an automobile, or if I have one, let the next one be a better one. Do you not see that this is not prayer at all, that this is paganism?

Do you not see that every looking to God for any form of material good is the same paganism that was indulged in by the ancients who prayed to God for larger crops of food, larger herds, larger catches of fish? Even in the days of the disciples they prayed for bigger catches. Do you not see that this has all been perpetuated from the pagan days when women prayed to God to let them have babies, men prayed for more power to destroy their enemies? This is paganism.

The mystical prayer is a conscious communion and realization with the source in which it is realized that God is spirit, and therefore, all that exists is spiritual, therefore, infinite, omnipresent. The mystical prayer knows that the name of God is I, and that embodied in I is all—not only all that I shall ever need—but the intelligence to know when, where, and how much, and to provide twelve basketsful for those momentarily in darkness. The mystical prayer knows that all power is given unto Me. All mystical prayer knows that I means omniscience. Nothing has to be told to Omniscience. Nothing has to be asked of Omniscience. Omniscience functions in and through our silence. Mystical prayer is a complete silence from taking thought, based on an understanding that I embody infinity and that because the nature of I is omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, Joel can be still and know that I am God. This is mystical prayer. Be still and know that I am God, and then see what happens. See what follows. Do not judge after appearances. Judge righteous judgment. Do not judge that there is a little or a lot. There is neither a little nor a lot, there is infinity at all times. (pause)

Someday I must read to you some doggerel that came through my thought in the early days of the depression, and it started out like this: Supposing you were God and your people prayed up to you, “Father, give us food that we may not starve. Give us clothing that we may not freeze. Give us fuel. Give us the necessities of life. Oh, God give us these necessities without which we are perishing.” What would you do if you were God? How would you answer? And then it goes on to show how God answered. “Do not pray up to Me. The earth is filled with My glory. The coal is there. The oil is there. The food is there. The cattle on a thousand hills are there. The fish is in the sea. The birds are in the air. Do not pray up to Me. I can do no more than I have done.”

Oh, it went on for a long, long time. It was very, very complete about it, but that was the essence of it. And so sometimes when you are tempted to pray for something or someone, ask yourself if God can do more than God is doing; if God can be more than God already is; if God is neglecting His universe? And you’ll soon settle into silence and realize: No, Thy Grace is my sufficiency yesterday, today, and forever. Thy grace is with me whether I am as bad as the woman taken in adultery, or the thief on the cross, or whether I am as good as the best of men and women. Thy rain falls on the just and the unjust. Thy grace is here and now.

Let me not blaspheme God, and accuse God of being absent from where I am, or unmindful of my needs. It is God’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom, if only I know that I am God, and I am in the midst of me. And I am omniscience, the all-knowing; omnipotence, the all and only power; omnipresence, here, here, here, where I am in this very bed of sickness, or in this hell of sin, or in this deeper hell of self-righteousness that makes me think I’m good when there is none good but God, and none healthy but God, and none wealthy but God. Since the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and when we stop claiming virtues of our own, and when we stop claiming health of our own, or wealth of our own, and realize the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, but thank God all that the Father hath is mine and thine. It isn’t mine because of any virtue of any nature. It isn’t mine because of family, race, religion. It is mine because of divine sonship. I am joint-heir with you, with Christ, to all the heavenly riches.

This is mystical prayer as against the paganistic prayer of material sense, physical sense that looks out upon a world and calls it physical because of appearances, and then prays to have it made into a better physical universe, a better physical body, a better physical wealth. No, we will not lead the mystical life until we lead the life of the contemplator, the meditator. This is The Infinite Way’s contribution to this age—this, and the name and nature of God, and the name and nature of error—this comprises the totality of this message. All else is just explanations, modes of practice, means of practice, but here you have the essence of the message.