Under Construction

This side will look different to you and is not finished yet so be patient please.

Things that are going to change are:

  • Lay out
  • Content, there will still be posts of Joel and video’s, but there will be more to actively get involved with.
  • Participation: Helping making transcripts of audio’s, translations, online meetings, webinars and more.

If you have any suggestions feel free to share them.


3 Comments on Under Construction

  1. Dear Wim,

    Are you getting carried away in your person? For sure to do things…

    Are you really in the presence of the Christ, or does Mr. Mind convince you that too much bliss and emptiness is not good for you?

    I thank you for making available Joel’s materials! But the facade, the website is much too distracting to my sense.

    This is the game of Life: “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” And maybe your audience needs this?

    Wishing you all the best.

    Love, Holger


  2. Very exciting Wim 🙂


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