Joel’s Meditation

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Page 25


God, The Only Action


The italicized portions of the book are spontaneous meditations which have come to the Joel during periods of uplifted consciousness and not in any sense intended to be used as affirmations, denials, or formulas. They serve as examples of the free flowing of the Spirit. As the reader practices the Presence, he, too, in his exalted moments, will receive ever-new and fresh inspirations as the outpouring of the Spirit.


The claim presented to you may be one of unemployment. Would you attempt to take an unemployed person and give him employment? What guarantee would you have that he might not lose his job the next day or be placed in the wrong kind of a job? Instead of planning what should happen to this unemployed person, immediately turn to the word God:


God – God is infinite. Infinite? If God is infinite, God is the only. Then God is the only employer because there cannot be more than one. If God is infinite, that would include employee, too. God is both the employer and the employee, and the whole activity of employment, remuneration, reward, and recognition is taking place within God – God acting within Itself, God acting within Its own orbit, God acting within Its own being, God functioning Its own being.