Today this new series is presented: The Practicality of Mysticism. On YouTube the audio’s will be published that directly are connected to living a mystical life. It is so practical to live this way. To live in Spirit, not having to live like a human being and struggle anymore, to live from the Kingdom within. Joel says it this way:

May I say to you also from that many years experience, that when the truth is revealed, as it will someday be revealed—the truth of mysticism, mysticism is the only practical way of life that has ever yet been devised.  Nothing, and no system—no system ever discovered or invented by man has proven to be as practical as the mystical way of life. Why?  Well let me show you why.  Certainly there is nothing more practical than good human relationships within our family circle, within our friendship circle, within our community circle.  And no one on the face of this globe following any teaching that has ever been discovered or taught, enjoys the family relationships, the community relationships, the business relationships of those who follow the mystical path.