Infinite Way Letter

December 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of 7


The Christ on Earth  –  continued

        Occasionally this Divine Spiritual Impulse, the Christ, appears as more pronounced in an individual here and there, but It exists in the consciousness of every individual on the face of the globe. There comes a specific period in the life of each individual when he comes to the places of spiritual annunciation in which the Christ is conceived, nurtured, developed, until, on Christmas Day, the Child is born; or, in other words, the Presence of the Christ is realized. The birth of the Christ does not chronologically occur on the twenty-fifth of December, nor geographically in the Hold Lands, but, rather, it takes place in the uplifted consciousness of the individual. It is this uplifted consciousness that is the Holy City—the city that is called “Sought out”. –the birthplace and dwelling place of the Christ. Wherever this Spirit of God appears in human consciousness, all the blessings and prophecies regarding the rich fruitage of the Christ are made evident.

        In the light of the Christ the human scene is revealed as somewhat fantastic. It is only after the Christ has been realized in consciousness that the depth of true humility is understood. Before that time there is always a sense of personal ego, but with the birth of the Christ all sense of personal demonstration or the desire for any person or thing, accomplishment or achievement is lost. One comes to a point of transition in consciousness from that place where there exists a need, a desire, or an unfulfilled life, to that place where there is no life of one’s own to be fulfilled, made happy, prosperous or content. There no longer exists even a sense of needing God because there is a realization of God acting through one. This activity is never for one’s personal benefit, but is a blessing unto those who have not yet experienced the conception and birth of the Christ within their own being and thereby realized the universal nature of the Christ.

        Elijah revealed the nature of the Christ as a still, small Voice which is within the realm and reach of every individual who attains the receptive ear. Daniel revealed the Christ as a stone “cut out of the mountain without hands.” In the words of Isaiah: “He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street. A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.” When the Master spoke of those who have eyes but do not see and those who have ears and do no hear, He was speaking of an inner capacity that beholds that which the human eye can never behold, hears that which the human ear can never hear, knows that which the human mind can never apprehend. The nature of the Christ is a spiritual activity, wholly without physical accomplishment, yet It is sufficient to destroy the four temporal kingdoms.

        Within me there seems to be a swiftly moving mountain stream which, from many directions is being joined by smaller streams. United these flow as one stream in a turbulent yet orderly progress toward the sea. The words and thoughts of Elijah, Daniel, Isaiah, Jesus and others of the great Biblical characters are rushing into my inner being, and there uniting in the revelation of one spiritual Essence, one Presence, one Power. Intermingled with this are thoughts of the many children who have come into this life crippled or otherwise handicapped. These children, with their cry “Why? Why this? Why me?” are surging in on the earth consciousness, but the earth has no answer to their problem, no answer to their healing. Likewise, a similar cry is going up from people the world over for a cessation of war and a world peace, and the earth has no answer to them. But there is an answer! The answer is Christ!—Christ, a spiritual influence within you, within me, and within all whose hearts and Souls are open to the annunciation, to the experience of conception and birth of the Christ. The Spirit of the Lord God Almighty is upon the Christ of your individual being, and this gentle Presence, achieved “not by might nor by power,” is the anointing of the Spirit Itself. It is this Christ that is the answer to world peace, and It is an answer also to those little ones who are clamoring for their divine heritage of harmony and wholeness.

End Part 2