These prophecies of the Christ have nothing to do with a man or a woman, but the birth in individual consciousness of the actual son of God, which Christ is, the anointed one…the anointed one. Even today, in the new revelations, which are beginning to come forth into print regarding these discoveries of the Hebrews and early Christians; even now, the powers that be of earth have tried, oh so hard, to keep these revelations from reaching human consciousness, knowing that as they reach human consciousness, many of the institutions now held sacred in men’s minds will be destroyed—uprooted.

Again, the temple will be destroyed. Yes, that physical temple, which never was the temple of the living God, because it is your consciousness and mine that is the true temple of the living God, where God, in the form His son the Christ, spiritual identity, abides in Its fullness. Our consciousness is the only temple that cannot be destroyed. Our consciousness is the only temple that never will be destroyed, and the reason is—it is invisible. The Christ will never be destroyed, because It is invisible. The presence and power of the Christ will never be stilled, because it is invisible. It only is necessary that we as individuals, and by we, I mean every individual on the face of the globe whose thought and mind and spirit and soul is open to the realization and activity of the Christ, to such we…we can bring to bear in human consciousness, this gentle presence which, with all of Its gentleness, is capable of destroying the four temporal kingdoms of earth.

Well, let us rest for a few minutes. (Pause)

As I sat back for this meditation, instantly it was as is we were united in receiving in our midst this Prince of Peace. And the thought came instantly, do you see that it is not necessary to direct It, to enlighten It? But to sit back without power, without effort, just to let It occupy consciousness…your consciousness and mine. It is as if there were a presence, a power, a figure, and it were walking around inside of our consciousness, and yet not restricted or entombed in flesh. But as we sit here beholding “mine elect,” It is abroad in the world, carrying Its own presence and power of peace, and of healing, and of restoration; opening the eyes of the blind, opening the prison bars, illumining men’s consciousness, so that they may no longer be in either religious darkness, political darkness, economic darkness, but that their consciousness also may feel the presence of this divine grace, the grace which always accompanies the son of God.

Behold mine elect, whom I, God, uphold. Just witness this gentle presence within you, receiving Its grace from the Godhead Itself, as It encircles this globe, as the light of Its being shines in the darkness, dispelling the illusions of sense, dispelling that personal sense of I, me, and mine, and yours, and his, and hers…dispelling that. The silver is mine, saith the Lord, and the gold is mine. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. But Son, all that I have is thine. See how in that, this personal sense of possession is overcome, destroyed. As long as the vine is receiving its sustenance from the Father, every branch is being fed.

You see, the Holy One of Israel, is the Spirit of God in man. The Holy One of Israel, is a spiritual light, present with us, but available only as we open ourselves to receive It, to abide with It, but for no purpose. Remember how this all started an hour ago…for no purpose, that is, no purpose personal to you or to me. We are not entertaining the Christ now for any favors for ourselves. We are not seeking Its bounties or Its grace that we may be fed, or clothed, or housed. We have entered meditation for the purpose of communion with the Holy One of Israel, “mine elect,” whom I uphold, the very child of God, the offspring of God, the divine of God, the divinity of God, which is established within us, so that the Christ may find outlet through us, to the thoughts and things of the world, tearing down these mighty strongholds of human belief, personal sense: I, me, mine, thine, his, hers—Establishing God’s kingdom on earth.

Do you see how, in this moment?…I think this is the very best moment for this realization. Do you see how, neither you nor I have any personal work to do about this? How we have only to be still and let It flow out? We don’t direct It, we don’t tell It where to go, or what to do, or who to operate in, or on, or through, or for what purpose. You see, the word I … there is that sense of true humility. There is no I directing this activity or trying to enlighten it. There is rather a complete sense of peace and quiet, in which we are perfectly willing to let It find outlet into the world, to be about the Father’s business.

It isn’t a man who is about the Father’s business. It isn’t you or I who are ever about the Father’s business. It is the Christ that is about the Father’s business. It is the Christ that is performing the functions of God on earth, establishing His reign in you, in me, in this at least receptive and responsive world.

Do you see now why it is not necessary to worship in this holy mountain, nor yet in Jerusalem, because the place whereon thou standest is holy ground? It becomes Jerusalem, the Holy City, wherever we entertain the Prince of Peace, the son of God, the Holy One of Israel. It becomes holy ground wherever we may be, where the Christ fills our consciousness and finds outlet to all of the world.

And so it is that on Christmas Day, which is June 2, 1955, we bid Godspeed to the Prince of Peace on Its journey around the world.

Well, thank you for bringing this forth.