It becomes necessary for us, who have felt that touch of the Christ, to make room every single day for Its activity to permeate human consciousness. You see, eventually you will come to that place where many are now in the world, where calls will come to you from individuals for specific help. But to be prepared for those calls, it is necessary that you learn daily to entertain the Prince of Peace, the activity of the Christ in your consciousness, for no other purpose than the communion itself. That is, to go to at least one period of meditation each day without any problem of your own, without anything that concerns your own personal, private, individual life; only for the purpose of entertaining in consciousness a communion with the activity of the Christ. Then see what will follow.

This week in my mail was the photograph of a most beautiful young child, probably three or four years of age, and with it a letter from a minister that this child has been born deaf and is therefore also dumb. And there is no reason for it, but neither is there any help for it. And so a specific request comes to my desk for the healing of that child. I don’t have to tell you that with every bit of hope and faith and confidence, I turn to this Christ, this anointed of God, this within me which has received the Spirit of God upon it, the healing consciousness upon it. I turn to that in order to let It be released into the world for the purpose, in this case, of reaching that child. Is there any other hope for that child than that the Christ Itself be loosed in consciousness, be revealed, unfolded, disclosed, so that that which has received the anointing of God, that which carries the presence and power of God into this world may have Its effect upon that young life?

Ah, but you see, where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I very much in the midst. And so it is that we, as a group, we, as a united group of Infinite Way students in this room, in all of the rooms where this message is heard, in all of the homes where this message may be read…think, think what we can bring to the world if, first of all, we recognize that God has a son. God has a beloved son, one Christ, and that this Christ has received divine anointing. It is itself the offspring of the Father, and all that the Father hath belongs to this Christ of our being. Son, thou art ever with me; thou art ever in the bosom of the Father, and all that I have is thine. All that God has is bestowed upon His son, this Christ, this living, vital, eternal, immortal child of God. And Its abiding place is Jerusalem, the Holy City, which you are. Its abiding place is in your consciousness. Its abiding place is within you.

This Christ, this son of God, this child, so gentle, so gentle that Its activity does not even bruise, does not even break the bruised reed. This gentle activity of the Christ, which is a still small voice, which comes only as a still small voice, yet this gentle Christ in the midst of you is sufficient to the tearing down of the four temporal kingdoms. But one thing is required. Christ must have Its Jesus. The spiritual child of God must have Its individual representative or representation on earth. And It must find inlet to this world through the consciousness of those individuals who have come to realize Christ in the midst of them. It becomes a Christmas Day every day that you permit the entrance of the Christ into this world through your consciousness.

Now do you not see why it isn’t necessary for you to know of this specific case of this child, but rather to know that there are such things all over this world. Do you not see that it is not necessary for you to sit in judgment as to whether this government or another government is right, whether this ideology or another ideology is correct, whether or not capital is right or labor is right, or whether or not those of this religion or of that religion are nearest truth, but that it is our function everyday, to go within for a period of visitation with the Christ, so that we may make a Christmas Day every day, by permitting entrance of the Christ into human affairs.

Do you not see now what will happen when the Christ, freely realized on this globe, begins to touch the consciousness of these children, and of their parents, removing from the parents the causes of these evils, and from the children the effects of these evils. Just as this Christ, touching your consciousness and freeing you from the hates and fears of the world will bless the children, who will not be called upon for future wars.

Yes, yes, prayer, prayer from this standpoint of today…prayer is an opening of ourselves to the visitation of the Prince of Peace. It is an entertaining in consciousness of the Prince of Peace. It is a communion with the Prince of Peace. This makes of our consciousness the Holy City, where the Christ dwells, and through which the Christ finds entrance into human consciousness.

There is a period in this experience, which is known as going down into Egypt and hiding the babe. This is a period that comes to each one soon after they achieve the realization of the birth of the Christ within them. It is when they take this Christ into their bosom and refuse to reveal It to the world. They refuse to speak of It. They refuse to show forth Its activity. They refuse in every way to reveal It to the world, because the world, in its thoughtlessness, may damage It. The world, in its thoughtlessness, may uproot It, may even destroy our own confidence and assurance in Its presence and in Its power. You would be surprised how subtly this sense of antichrist can enter your consciousness and mine, to make us even deny that we have ever witnessed a healing or experienced one; how it can make us even doubt that those that we have experienced were really the activity of the Christ, and not perhaps some accident that would have happened anyhow.

You would be surprised to know how subtly our faith can be undermined, until that time comes when the Christ is so wonderfully developed, when it has become so rooted and grounded as the very activity of our daily consciousness, that we then can stand before the world and reveal it, and even take whatever manner of abuse or doubt the world may offer, and be not at all concerned nor affected by it. It is for this reason that over and over I caution our students not to be too hasty in their speech or actions, not to be too revealing, but rather, to let the activity of the Christ be so firmly established in them that the world beholds the Christ Itself in them. Then there is no longer any fear.

You see, it is only while we are presenting the Christ that we are in danger of losing It ourselves. When the Christ has sufficiently taken over that It presents Itself silently, silently, secretly, through our consciousness; so quietly that no one of the world even recognizes what It is or knows what it is, and yet feels Its influence. You see, the gentleness of this Christ is such that the world can’t even recognize It in us, yet it can feel the effect of It. If it recognized It in us, it would do its best to tear It down.

The world seeks always to destroy the Christ. That is why we have these prophecies all the way back to the Psalms, that when He comes He will be crucified, and in Isaiah. And wherever in literature there is a realization of the coming of the Christ in individual experience, there is also the prophecy that It will be destroyed, because there is that in the human nature which does not wish to be destroyed, and it knows above all things, that there is only one power that can destroy human wickedness, and that is the presence and the power of the Christ realized.