Infinite Way Letter

December 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 7


The Christ on Earth  –  continued

        “He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth.” The ultimate mission of the Christ is the healing of the world therefore it becomes necessary for those who have felt the touch of the Christ to make way for Its activity to permeate human consciousness. Prayer is the avenue or activity of our consciousness which brings the Presence and Power of God into human affairs. Eventually, you will come to that place in consciousness where you will receive requests for specific help, and, in order to be prepared, it is necessary that you learn to entertain the Prince of Peace for no other purpose than the communion itself; each day you must have at least one period of meditation devoid of any problem concerning your own personal life, for the sole purpose of experiencing in consciousness a communion with God. In this communion the activity of the Christ within you is a specific healing to whoever has requested help.

        Recently, I received a photograph of a beautiful young child, together with a letter from a minister stating that this child had been born deaf and dumb, and thus a specific request came to my desk for the healing of that child. It is not necessary to tell you that with all the hope, faith and confidence of my being I turn to the Christ, the anointed One within me which has received the Spirit of God upon It. I turn to this healing consciousness in order to let It be released into the world for the purpose of reaching that child. Is there any other hope for that child than that the Christ Itself be loosed in consciousness, be revealed, unfolded, disclosed, so that That which carries the Presence and Power of God into the world may have Its effect upon that young life?

        Just think of the healing consciousness that can be brought to the world as each Infinite Way student realizes, first of all, that “the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father” is the Christ of his individual being! All that the Father hath is bestowed upon this vital, living, eternal, immortal Child, and Its abiding place is within you, in your consciousness! And always remember that “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” The gentle activity of the Christ in the midst of you is sufficient to the tearing down of the four temporal kingdoms. But once this is required—Christ must have Its Jesus! The spiritual child must have Its representation on earth, and It must be released to the world through the consciousness of those individuals who have come to realize Christ in the midst of them.

        Other than to be aware that such conditions exist, it is not necessary for you to know of specific cases of these handicapped children. Instead, it is your function, daily and without fail to go within for the purpose of receiving the prince of Peace, thereby permitting entrance of the Christ into human affairs. It is not necessary to direct or enlighten It in any way, but just to wait—silently, without effort, without power—and let it occupy consciousness! Can you not see what will happen when the Christ, really realized, begins to touch the consciousness of all the peoples of earth, removing from them the cause and effects of human error? The Christ touching your consciousness and freeing you from the hates and fears of the world will bless countless others. Prayer, from this standpoint, is an opening of yourself to the visitation and communion with the Prince of Peace, and makes of your consciousness the Holy City where dwells the Christ, and through which the Christ finds entrance into human consciousness.

End Part 3