tape 50B – A Meditation 4/4

Remember this: even though you make your bed in hell, God is there. Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is there. Don’t ask why God has forsaken you. Don’t accept any belief that God has left you and that this discord is an evidence of God’s having left you. God can never forsake Itself and God is your self.

1953 First New York Closed Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

50B – A Meditation 4/4

Now there are those in your household who are receptive and responsive to truth, and to them you owe the same obligation that I owe to you. I owe to you the obligation never to come into your presence except in the highest degree of consciousness possible to me at the moment. I owe that to you. I owe it to myself. I owe it to the Father who has lifted me above the storms of the human world. That, however, is my obligation, my duty to the Father and because to the Father, it must also be to the Son, because if I do not love you whom I see, I am not loving God whom I cannot see. That is my function.

You have the same function. When you were ignorant of this truth it was not demanded of you. To him that hath shall be given. Him that hath much shall be expected, much shall be demanded. So in bringing yourself to this enlightenment, you now take upon your shoulders the responsibility of Its being. You can never be released. The grace of God brought you here to receive this light of wisdom of the nature of God and of the nature of prayer, and the God who gave you this light expects that you shall shed this light.

It will not be necessary to proselyte. It will not be necessary to go seeking people. It will only be necessary to maintain your spiritual level within you. Even if no one in your world knows what you are doing, you owe no obligation to any man to tell them that you are praying for them or that you are benefiting them, or that you hope to lift them above their troubles.

You do not owe that to any man, but those who ask of you, you can assure and reassure. But whether you are ever asked for this light or not, you owe an obligation to the Father that revealed this light to you to let this light shine through you. And all you have to do – you have no words to learn, you have no books to read, you have no statements to learn – you already know the secret: The Father is in me and I am in Him, and we are in each other. You know that secret.

Now all you have to do is without any words and without any thoughts – twice a day, three times a day, four times a day – and by next year twenty times a day – retire even if for a half a minute and acknowledge this Presence, acknowledge this light, feel the divine energy. Feel the spark. Live so that all men coming within range of your consciousness feel the outpouring of God upon them.

You are the instrument. You are God’s servant. Never forget that even if you say to yourself, “I am the Christ of God,” it doesn’t make you great. It makes you lowly. Remember that the Christ of God, the Son of God, is a servant, not a master. Always remember that. All that the Son of God can be is a servant to his fellow men. He is forever at the service of those who call. Earthly kings, no. Earthly kings are served. Spiritual kings are servants. No one may ever boast or brag of divine sonship. Divine sonship bestows with it a humility – a humility that knows that only the light of God can lift this room. Only the presence of God Itself could lift the consciousness of those here to that place where they can witness the Father face to face.

Right now the resurrected Christ, the resurrected Jesus, may be visible to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear. Why? Because the raised consciousness is able always to perceive that which is invisible: See the invisible, hear the inaudible, know the unknowable.

Only the grace of God could do that – not the will of man – only the grace of God. The will of man only is that he may retire within and receive the divine impulsion, receive the divine grace that it may flow right from the fingertips, right from the eyes, right from the hairs on the head.

Embrace this universe within your being. But let your being be still and silent so that the peace that passeth understanding may envelope and permeate the universe that you have taken within you. Remember if your thoughts are chaotic anything and anyone brought into your thought will feel that chaos.

Be at peace. Be still. God is. God is light. God is the light of the world. Let that light fill your consciousness and then take the world into your consciousness. Let the world feel your peace, the peace that passeth understanding, and then you will understand the Master. My peace I give unto you – not a man’s  peace, My peace, the grace of the Father flows through me to you—My peace. Not as the world giveth, no, no, no – not a physical sense of good, not a personal sense of safety or security, My peace, the peace now that no longer seeks safety or security or protection. No, the peace descends upon him who gives up the desire for safety, security and protection. The desire for these three is the acknowledgment of a force, a presence, a power opposed to God.

Little David could not fit the armor to his body. It wouldn’t fit. It couldn’t; it couldn’t. David recognized no power as able to penetrate God’s will, God’s love.


And then you will return now to the great wisdom and understand what this means:

I will never leave you nor forsake you; whithersoever thou goest, I will go; yea, though I make my bed in hell, thou art there; yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art there.

Will you please carry this with you that God has not forsaken you whether you are in sin or poverty or disease even unto death? Do you know that what separates us from our good, that very often causes us to pass on, is a conviction that because we are in the midst of some discord that it is because God has forsaken us. That this wouldn’t have happened if God had been with us. That is destruction itself to us.

Remember this: even though you make your bed in hell, God is there. Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is there. Don’t ask why God has forsaken you. Don’t accept any belief that God has left you and that this discord is an evidence of God’s having left you. God can never forsake Itself and God is your self.

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