Introduction to tape 60B Contemplation, Meditation

Introduction to 1954 Chicago Practitioner Class by Joel S Goldsmith: tape 60B: Contemplation, Meditation

God is my very being. In this tape of Joel, he is about to go to the studio for an interview of some kind. He is loaded so to speak. He is full of energy. If you are listening to this tape or read the words that are going to be published you are going to be bombarded with so much love and light, it takes my breath away.. Here is a sample of that, taste it, let it effect you completely…

God is my very being. I don’t have to pray to God.

I don’t have to ask God or affirm to God,

only acknowledge, just acknowledge: God is my being.

Wherever I go, God goes with me.

Wherever God is, that’s where I am, ever-present,

I and the Father are one.

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