Joel S Goldsmith

43:A The Word Within (4/4)

We speak of God, we speak of the Christ, little knowing how real these are; how real in power, how real in presence, how real in effect. These are not words to be bandied about. These are not words to be handled lightly, God and Christ. When we speak of God we speak of that which is not only power, but against which there is no other power.

One day we are to learn that God is not a great power, that God is not the power of destruction to evil and to error. One day we are to realize God as that which has no opposite or opposition. Once God comes into our experience we are not battling the world, nor is God protecting us from evil. Once God comes into our experience there is no evil present. Ah yes, there you have the secret of the Christ.

It is a marvellous thing that Daniel in one of his great visions saw this. He saw four temporal kingdoms – gold, silver, lead, clay, bronze. He saw these four temporal kingdoms, powers on earth. And then he saw their destruction. And what destroyed these four temporal kingdoms? A stone cut out of the side of a mountain without hands.

Now, a miracle takes place…hold your hands closed. And now try to realize a stone cut out of a side of a mountain while your hands are this way. And in that second will dawn in your consciousness the fact that the only stone that can take place is a word, an idea, a power within your consciousness, a stone cut out of the side of a mountain without hands. And you see where it’s taking place? Up here, not down here; not outside but within. That’s where your stone is being carved out of the side of a mountain, up here within. All power is within you, a power to destroy the four temporal kingdoms; a power that will destroy sin, disease, death, lack and limitation – but keep your hands closed and your arms crossed so that you are not tempted to use physical power, that you are not tempted to use human power. This way, and let the stone be formed, the rock that is the corner stone, the temple, the corner stone of the temple, the corner stone of the church.

Yes, on this rock the church is founded. What rock? Peter’s recognition. Where does a recognition take place? In consciousness. And on this rock, on this recognition, the church is built, the temple of God is built. The power of God is built on this stone, on this rock, on this inner consciousness of truth. This recognition of the Christ is the foundation for the only power and the only presence that can ever be a church; that can ever be a safety and a security and a peace.

You see, anything in the external world is an effect. And that can’t be God, and it can’t be God-power. Anything in the external world is already an effect. The entire ministry of Jesus Christ is founded, not on the manipulation of effects but on the presence and the power of cause.

The Master healed the sick without outer remedies. He fed the multitudes. How? By looking up to heaven. The multiplication of loaves and fishes was an inner experience. It was a multiplication because of a realization of the Christ within His being. Jesus did not multiply loaves and fishes but His recognition of the presence and power of the Christ did multiply loaves and fishes. It is all an inner thing. The hands must be kept tightly closed, the arms must be crossed so that we are not tempted to use outer powers, and let all powers be within our being. Then and then only do we find the secret of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Nothing that exists in the world of effect is God-power. It is a result of God-power but God-power is within you. It is something that comes to you from deep down, from way, way down within your own sense of being.

In the book Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture you will find first of all in the story of Moses, his experience in leading the Hebrews out of bondage, You will find that on occasion he needed safety, security or protection for his people. And a cloud appeared by day and a pillar of fire by night. Now unless Moses were a magician of some kind, how did he produce this cloud by day and pillar of fire by night? On another occasion he stood at the Red Sea and it opened. The Red Sea opened. By what power? Later when food was needed, manna fell from the sky, water came from the rock. By what power did all this happen?

As you study that book of Moses, that experience of Moses and his Hebrew people, you will come to see as you find later in the Master’s experience that it was an activity of the consciousness of Moses. Moses knew the truth and the truth made him free of danger, of lack, of limitation and all his people too. What truth did Moses know? There wasn’t any external power that he had access to. It was this inner realization; Peter all over again. Thou art the Christ. Peter recognizing the presence of the Christ, only here we have Moses recognizing in himself I am that I am; Moses recognizing within himself the divine powers because of the presence of this Christ. The Christ within Moses appearing outwardly as whatever form of good was necessary at the moment, whether it be a cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night, manna or water or the opening of the Red Sea. All of this activity takes place through an inner grace, through an inner realization of this, what we call God.

Every book of the Bible reveals this same truth. As you go through the Old Testament you will find we come to Elijah and we find him persecuted and in danger and in the wilderness. But we find that he awakens and finds cake baked on the stones in front of him. We find ravens bringing food. We find a poor widow sharing. And at the end when he’s about realized what a wonderful Hebrew prophet he is without anyone to prophecy to or give the word of God to, he even learns that a remnant of seven thousand have been saved out and he’s directed where to go to find this remnant.

Elijah, through what he calls the still small voice, which is only this inner presence, again reveals that the realization of that inner presence appears outwardly as form; outwardly as the form of good necessary to our experience.

So we come down to the ministry of the Master, Christ Jesus, and we find also that His entire ministry is one of outer good; healing, feeding, protection, resurrection, ascension. His entire ministry is the proof of outer good taking place because of an inner awareness. The kingdom of God is within me. The Father within me doeth the works; I can of my own self do nothing. My doctrine is not mine but His that sent me. Why callest thou me good? There is but one good, the Father within me.

Always this inner awareness appears outwardly as healing, resurrection, feeding, safety, security, supply. Whatever it is that is needed on the outer plane is produced because of an awareness of the presence of God on the inner plane.

So we in The Infinite Way come to this word, the term, the Infinite Invisible. It is invisible but it is infinite. It is an invisible Father within. Paul had a different name for it. He called it the Christ. I can do all things through Christ, or I live yet not I, Christ liveth in me. Always – watch it! Read your Bible. Open it to any book and see if you do not find someone recognizing an invisible presence that made them the prophet. That’s what made them prophets, saints, seers, sages; the recognition of an inner invisible presence that would appear outwardly in any form necessary to their good. The presence that goes before us to make the crooked places straight; it walks beside us as protection.

Now, the revelation of the Bible is a revelation of an inner soul, soul force, soul power. It is a revelation of an inner kingdom that appears outwardly as our blessing. Human experience is a dependence on the outer realm. We depend on persons or places or things. We depend on moneys or foods or shelters. We depend as humans on some persons or things, even governments, in the external world. But the life of the Christ, the life of spiritual living is a turning from that to the realization of power within. Watch that! That really separates us from human living.

We no longer are human beings living a human life. We have overcome the world; the world is a bad place. We have overcome the world in proportion as we have withdrawn our faith, reliance and dependence on the outer experience and have come to the realization of this kingdom within. On this one point hinges the entire secret of the success of our living.

And that is why, when we come to this place as we do in spiritual living, of what we call prayer and treatment, that we find an entirely new world opening to us. And – in a hurry? (Response: No)

There are two words going to play a most important, the most important part in all of our work here this month. Two words must become clear to us. The first word is God. And the second word is prayer. On those two words will depend whatever measure of joy, happiness, peace, health, harmony that we are to derive from the study of the message of The Infinite Way.

God must become to us an experience. Unless we experience God we will not experience the harmony that the presence and power of God can bring to us. We must pass in this month, those who have not already passed, must pass from the realm of thinking about God and reading about God to the actual experience of God. And then must come with it the realization of the nature of prayer.

Now the reason is this: God actually is our salvation. God actually is that presence and that power that lifts us out of the discords of human experience into the beauties of spiritual living, spiritual understanding; a world separate and apart from what we know out here. But access to God is only through prayer. God cannot be reached in any way except through prayer. But the prayer that the world knows, the prayer that’s found in a dictionary isn’t that prayer. If it were the world would have been saved long before these three, four, five thousand years in which it has been struggling.

Something must reveal itself to us in the nature of prayer to form our contact with this source. And that nature of prayer is something different than we have heretofore known. It is true that we may approach prayer through some of the ways already known to us. We may start with some phase or facet of prayer that we already know; that we may do. But we will graduate from that into an understanding of prayer that we have not heretofore known. I say we have not heretofore known because had we known it we would already have found ourselves in this kingdom of God, and there’d be no need of our being here now to reveal it to each other.

Well, let it be clear that the word prayer and the idea of prayer is to be an important part of this month’s work. So that in your meditation, cogitation, contemplation, take up this idea of prayer in the sense of Father what is prayer? Don’t let your preconceived notions of prayer enter it. And don’t go to a dictionary to find out what it says about prayer because that’s not the prayer I’m talking about. I’m talking about the prayer that is revealed to us on the inner plane.

You will do more by sitting down for ten or fifteen minutes and turning to the Father within and asking about prayer than you will looking it up in a book. There’s no question about this that more can be revealed to you about prayer from within your own being than any book can reveal to you. And it would be a wonderful thing, since it is the ultimate of our work is to draw forth from within our own being all of our good, that we start with drawing forth a good definition of prayer.

Now I’ve shown you so far that the ultimate of our work is when we come to that place of drawing forth from within our own being our particular cloud by day or pillar of fire by night, or our manna or our healing or our resurrection. All of this now is to be drawn forth from within our own being; not from books, not from teachers. Books and teachers are only to be stepping stones, helps to us on the way.

We are to draw forth our good, our supply, our family relationships, community relationships, national, international relationships; our harmonies are to be drawn forth from within our own consciousness. So why not let us begin with the word prayer, and see if we cannot draw forth from within our own being a higher sense of prayer than we have at this present moment. For that will be a help to us on the way in this month’s work.

Now another thought I want to leave with you: I feel sure that almost everyone in this room has some background of metaphysics or truth teaching and therefore some knowledge of the subject of treatment. And I would like during this month of our work here that you begin to see treatment from the standpoint of The Infinite Way if for no other reason than to see if it doesn’t work well for you. That’s a good a reason as any for trying it.

And I want to leave you with this idea on the subject of treatment: when you ‘treat’ do not give a treatment to a person or a condition. When you take anyone to help, to heal, do not take their name or their condition into your treatment; leave them outside. And give your treatment to God. In other words, you already know that treatment is knowing the truth.

Now in our work we do not know the truth about any person or about any condition. We only know the truth about God. And we stay right there. We never treat a person under any circumstance or under any condition. We never permit ourselves to give a treatment to anyone. Nor do we treat any condition.

Our entire treatment is in the realm of the invisible. So that if you were to ask me for help for some physical, mental, moral or financial condition, I would immediately drop you from thought and turn to God and I would begin to know the truth about God. What is God? What is the nature of God? And my treatment would last until I had known everything about God that I could know. About God as the divine intelligence of the universe; about God as the divine infinite life of the world, the soul of the universe, the only law, the only power, the only presence. I would know everything about God; consciously know everything about God that I’d ever read in a book, that I could remember, that I could bring to conscious remembrance. And when I had known all that I could know about God, my treatment would be complete.

End of tape…