The Art Of Meditation Series: tape 48B God Is

From the tape 48B: God is, is no transcript available yet. Nevertheless I want to post it’s audio. From the previous tape 48 A: “No Concept of God is God”  I found this excerpt that covers the “God Is” tape perfectly.

God, God alone is the Principle of life.

The only success that can come in this world is God’s success, not ours.

God is the revelator. God is the Actor, the Doer, the Be-er.

God it is that knows.

God it is that understands.

God it is that imparts and God it is that receives

And the words of the Master now become clear:

I can of my own self do nothing.

My doctrine is not mine but his that sent me.

He doeth the works; I merely follow after.


Listen to this: