Joel S Goldsmith

43:A The Word Within (3/4)

In the 8th chapter of Romans there are some more very startling statements. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. But ye are not in the flesh but in the spirit if so be that the spirit of God dwell in you. You can go through that entire chapter, the 8th chapter of Romans and especially those of you who have some metaphysical background; you can get an awful shock and also discover the reason why many so-called demonstrations have eluded you and me and all of us.

We have been in the habit of believing that we are children of God and that we are the very Christ of God, that we are at one with God, and as you read the 15th chapter of John and the 8th chapter of Romans you will find that this is only true if so be the spirit of God dwell in you. And you will find that it is only true as you abide in this word, and let this word abide in you.

For a great many years the 91st Psalm was a great mystery to me. I had a difficult time with it because it seemed to be so full of promises that none of these evils would come nigh my dwelling place. It seemed to be so full of promises of my safety and security and peace, and all of this time it wasn’t happening so. There wasn’t the protection and there wasn’t the harmony, there wasn’t the health and there wasn’t the good. And yet all the time it seemed to be telling me, this 91st Psalm, that I was immune to all the discords. Until one day I discovered the secret of the 91st Psalm. And I found it in the very first verse He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High. He was the fellow to whom the discords of life didn’t come. He was the fellow that could find no error drawing nigh his dwelling place. Not me, not the human being out in the world, He that dwelleth in the secret place. Dwelleth means to live, to live, not abide for a day or two, not tarry for a day or two, but to abide, to live in the secret place of the Most High.

And there was the outcome again to our 15th John and our 8th Romans – if you abide, if you live in this word. We live and move and have our being in God if, if we live in the word of God and let the word of God abide in us.

There then you have the reason for our periods of meditation. In those periods of meditation we retire within. We turn within very much in the sense of our Master saying I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within Me doeth the works. Or our little boy Samuel Speak Father, Speak Lord, thy servant heareth. Always when we go into meditation, it is not in the nature of mental work, it is not in the nature of affirmations or denials or prayers, our meditation is a turning within with that listening ear; an attitude of expectancy. Not of some good out here, not of expecting supply or companionship or home or peace, but expecting the word of God to reveal Itself to us, expecting the word of God to come to our consciousness.

Never, never is it the word that goes out from our mouth that is the word of God. Never is it the thought we think that is the power. It is the word of God that comes to us, within us. Now that can only be accomplished through an attitude of listening, an attitude of expectancy, an attitude that the Master gave us in His words I can of my own self do nothing, now Father its Your turn. And letting that Father come through, letting the word of God come to our consciousness from within our own being.

We can read the Bible. We can read any of the inspired spiritual literature with which we are acquainted. We can read all of that as a jumping off place, as a spark let us say, to our inner quiet and peace. But that’s the only way we can use the Bible or our spiritual literature, just to provide us with a starting point. When we have read for a few moments or minutes, or hours if necessary, it becomes necessary to turn within; to be quiet and develop the ability to receive that impartation from within.

Now it isn’t simple for those who are not trained. And it may not come quickly, this ability to get quiet, to get still and to hear. But do not let that disturb you. And do not believe for a moment that the coming of your good is dependent on your ability ultimately to get to that state of meditation. Your good will begin the very moment you start the practice of meditation. The very minute that you close your eyes in a sense of I can of my own self do nothing, in that very second you have opened the way from within. You have opened your consciousness to the presence and power of God. Even if you have no conscious awareness of what is taking place. Even if you have no feeling of the presence; no awareness of the presence, that makes no difference. Just in closing the eyes for a second in a recognition of my own nothingness, my own ability to do nothing, in that we have opened the way for God to enter.

Now, our meditations need not take more than two or three or four minutes. But they should be repeated three and four and five times a day; morning, noon and night and before retiring. And then later a few more times too. For this reason: the press of human living acts as a sense of separation between us and our God, our power of good. The headlines in the paper, the radio, the conversation of our friends; all of this is a distraction that seems to set up a sense of separation. And it becomes necessary for us to have frequent periods of renewal. They need not last more than thirty seconds or a minute or two minutes, but they must be frequent. And each of them must be that realization of since I can of my own self do nothing; the Father within me must take over. And that ability, just to turn for a second, gives the Father the opportunity to come in. And then that word becomes power in our experience. Remember this.

A single impartation of truth within; the slightest feeling of the presence within is sufficient to move mountains – mountains of sin or mountains of disease or mountains of lack. Your thoughts won’t do it nor will my thoughts do it. No statements of truth that you can make or I can make really have power. We make these statements of truth only to lift ourselves in consciousness to a place where we can receive, be receptive to the word of God that flows from within.

Now, here is what happens: let us understand God as the universal source of good, the universal fount of good; that which in the 15th chapter of John is called the husbandman, I am the true vine, my Father is the husbandman. Let us understand God as that great universal good. And then this presence within us as the vine or the Christ, the son of God, the spiritual impulse of God, the divine influence, the very presence Itself within you and me. Let us understand that to be the individualization of all that God-power; the presence within us individually of God.

Now, in our recognition of that, of that Christ, of that spirit of God within us, lies the great power that goes before us to make the crooked places straight. When you or I think of ourselves, we think of ourselves as having mental power, physical powers. We think of ourselves as having certain abilities or limitations. But the moment that we come into the realization of our inner peace, we have an unlimited presence and an unlimited power – and we for our purposes will call that the Christ, the spirit of God in man, the son of God in man, the son of God in you or the son of God that is within our own being and now It becomes our reliance.

In my writings we have used the term the Infinite Invisible, the Infinite Invisible, because you can’t see It, hear It, taste It, touch It or smell It, but we can sense It. We can feel that there is something within us greater than ourselves. Now there is something within us greater than our abilities, there is something within us greater than our limitations too. And that something, which we call the Christ, is this very presence of God that once contacted becomes our healer. It becomes our protector. It becomes our safety. It becomes our security.

It is a strange thing but it is true that the realization of this presence is a greater protection than a bomb shelter. The realization of this presence is a greater power than money in the bank. Sometimes it is strange to think of an invisible something as being greater than money. But even our old, old friend J P Morgan recognized the great value of an invisible presence even if he didn’t call it God. Maybe to himself he did, but outwardly he didn’t. And I remember an occasion when a friend of his came to him for a loan of a million dollars, and said “I am in a tight spot. I need a million dollars and I need it in a hurry and I have no security.” And then Morgan said “You haven’t security? I have known you ten years. You are a man of the highest integrity; that’s all the security I ask.”

Ah, we seldom stop to realize that these invisible qualities are of greater value than our outer assets. If it is true and all of you have had experience I know, in finding that your integrity was of greater value than your bank account, how much more do you think you will realize when you come to that point of contact with this Christ? Then and then only will you see, not only that it is far greater than any sum of money, it is far greater than any bomb shelter ever built. It is far greater than a cabin in Arkansas, which seems to be very popular on the West Coast today; cabin in Arkansas. Oh Arkansas is one of those states that has very little assets so there’ll be no atomic bombs thrown at it. Ah no, the Christ, the realization of this Christ is the bomb shelter. Not only that, the realization of this Christ will stop the bomb from falling and nothing else will.

There is no power yet discovered on earth that has stopped a war. There is no power on earth that will stop the next war. The next war will be a bad one if it happens. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a power that can’t stop it. It just means that there is no power known to man on earth that can stop it. It is as inevitable humanly as all the wars that have happened before this.

But there is a power that can prevent it ever occurring, and that power is the realization of the Christ. Let us as individuals realize that presence and watch how the realization spreads from man to man and from woman to woman, from boundary to boundary, until in one grand moment the realization will dawn in all human consciousness of the power, of the presence, of the reality of this Christ. There’s a word — reality.