Questions and Answers 5/5

October 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

We can overcome that ourselves and make Christmas a time for the remembrance of good, the remembrance of love, but within our own sense of it. So that if it is our sense of it to have a pretty little five cent card made, the five cent card will convey as much love as a dollar card, and in the same way the gift of a handkerchief or anything else will convey as much love as a diamond ring. It isn’t a matter of value or amount; it is a matter this: that it becomes an opportunity for the expression of love that exists between us, a love which too often we fail to express at other times of the year. [...]

The Transition to Christhood 1/4

August 1, 2017 // 0 Comments

Now, this sounds very gentle as I give it to you, but I can assure you that when you think it over tonight, it could make you very angry, because if you ever seriously undertake to pray; pray without ceasing, but pray prayers that have in them no desire, no expectancy, no wish for the getting of anything, receiving, of attaining of anything, you will find that before you can successfully attain to that degree of spiritual praying that you’ll nearly tear yourself to pieces. [...]

When Spirit is Upon You 4/5

April 10, 2017 // 0 Comments

But, there is a Spirit in you that is using these hands to produce God’s words, just as the Spirit that dwelled in Jesus Christ used his mind and his body. And this Spirit that dwelt in Jesus Christ sent him about the Father’s business, up and down the Holy Land, doing the works of the Father. [...]

The Need For Remembrance

January 26, 2017 // 0 Comments

If truth is not actively maintained in consciousness, life becomes one of futility, a waiting for something to happen. The hoped for and long-awaited spiritual awakening, which many people desire, but towards attainment of which they make no effort, does not happen except perhaps once in a hundred years, or possibly to one out of a million persons, and even then, as we know from the history of many to who it has happened, it is of no value, because it came unexpectedly without understanding and without any idea or knowledge of how to recapture it. [...]

The Way of Peace and Meditation 3/5

July 19, 2016 // 1 Comment

Well, you watch the miracles that begin to take place in your experience but only by your acceptance of Truth, and not only the acceptance of it, the continued remembrance of this in the face of all evidence to the contrary. It doesn’t mean that your acceptance of this may, in one fell swoop, save you from all future colds. [...]

Transcendental Consciousness 5/5

January 17, 2016 // 0 Comments

Until you as an individual, come to an inner agreement that destroying civilian populations by atomic bombs is inexcusable, you are under that karma, because, resist not evil is the basic Christian teaching. Lay down your life rather that take another life is a basic Christian teaching. But certainly, never save your life at the expense of another’s. [...]

Treatment 2/4

November 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

Now remember, there’s only one reason you’re not under the law. There is only one reason you’re under divine grace, and that is because of your relationship with God. God is the Father/Mother principle of existence and we are the offspring. We are the divine children of an infinite and an eternal and an immortal Principle, and because of that we are in the world, but not of it. We are under divine grace. [...]

The Word Within (3/4)

October 5, 2015 // 0 Comments

A single impartation of truth within; the slightest feeling of the presence within is sufficient to move mountains – mountains of sin or mountains of disease or mountains of lack. Your thoughts won’t do it nor will my thoughts do it. No statements of truth that you can make or I can make really have power. We make these statements of truth only to lift ourselves in consciousness to a place where we can receive, be receptive to the word of God that flows from within. [...]