“I” Speaks On To Me (3/4)

1961 Maui Work

Tape 392, Side 1


By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of 4
In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so I would have told you so . . . I go to prepare a place for you. Will you remember, always remember, that in my Father’s house, in this divine consciousness, there are many mansions; and that I in the midst of you go to prepare a place for you. Whether you leave home in the morning for business, marketing, shopping, or remain at home, I am there to prepare a place for you.
But you bring it into tangible expression only in the degree of your conscious awareness of it. There must be action, there must be conscious action, conscious recognition: Repent ye, turn ye and live . . . acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and He will give thee peace . . . Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.” Action, action, action—activity of consciousness.
And, as your consciousness is active in truth, with truth, through truth, and as you maintain truth active in your consciousness, you will find that the truth active in your consciousness becomes the very fabric of the new life.
You have to live as if there had been no yesterdays, as if there had been no mistakes yesterday, and no sins yesterday. You have to live as if yesterday had passed. Just as you mark off the date on your calendar, or pull off the sheet that has last month on it and throw it in the wastebasket, so do you have to consciously, actively, tear up your entire past, and live as if today were the only day given you to live.
You can’t live yesterday, and if you try to relive it, you’ll only relive the mistakes and the errors. Even if occasionally you remember some of the pleasant things, you’ll have more unpleasant ones. So you might as well make up your mind to let bygones be bygones; repent of yesterday, let it go; and live as if this were the day the Lord hath made, and no other—not yesterday and not tomorrow. Yesterday is not made and tomorrow is not made—only this day is made. And our mistakes are over and done with; our sins are over and done with; our fears are over and done with.
Now, now is the appointed day. Now is the day in which I recognize the Spirit of God present within me and thereby recognize the Presence of God present within you—my friends and my enemies, those who like me and those who don’t—yet I recognize God in the midst of them. And I greet the God in them, and they in turn recognize the God in me. And because there are no yesterdays, all of this is happening today.
But you see, when midnight comes and goes, as far as I am concerned, it is still today—still today in which I am living in the life of Omnipresence; still today in which I am living in the realization of a Presence within me that goes to prepare mansions, that goes to prepare places for me—now, today, today.
You see the importance of meditation because without meditation you have no place to go for a message of this kind. It can’t come from the air; it can’t come from outside; it has to come from within. But if it is to come from within, how can it come if there aren’t periods of quiet, of rest, of confidence, of assurance, of listening to this I that is in the midst of me? How can I be taught of the Spirit if I do not sit down to commune with that Spirit, and let It reveal Itself to me in wisdom, in truth, in life, in love?
So you see that meditation is an activity. It is not laziness, either physical or mental, even though people looking at us in meditation may think that we are trying to escape from the world. We are not trying to escape from the world; we are trying to meet the reality of the world—which is within us.
Outside of us, the picture is always changing in accord with the changing of our consciousness. But the world outside will never change for the better if there isn’t something from inside to bring it about. And that something inside is this recognition that there is a Presence within me, and this Presence goes before me to prepare the mansions; It is within me to instruct me, to give me light. And just as the life of the tree is flowing up through the trunk and out into the branches, so is the life which is God, the wisdom which is God, the love which is God—so is it flowing universally in the invisible. And yet I can feel It pouring into me, the branch, individually. But as It pours Itself into me, of course, I know that you are all branches. It is pouring Itself into you, giving you newness of life, which in time will appear as leaves and buds, blossoms, and finally fruitage—rich fruitage.
But a branch cannot bear fruit of itself, only by virtue of its oneness with its source. And I of my own self can do nothing, but by turning within, the Father instructs me, feeds me, guides me, directs me, protects me, goes before me, walks beside me and behind me, above and beneath. For, this I that is within me, is Omnipresence. It rides the planes, it rides the submarines, it rides the ships, the trains, the autos. It is Omnipresence; it is Omnipresence within me and within you, wherever you may be.
I in the midst of me am the life of all being. I in the midst of me am the safety and the security, and the peace and the prosperity and the joy of all being. “My joy,” he said, “taketh no man from me. Why? Because my joy isn’t because of baubles on the outside of the world; my joy isn’t because there’s fruit on my tree—my joy is because of the Presence of life, which inevitably is to appear as fruit. I glory not in the fruit on my tree, but the Spirit of God in me, which is the fabric of the fruit that is to appear.
Take the fruit, eat it, sell it, and use it. But within me is the substance, the essence, the I, the Presence, the fabric of all the fruit that is to come—for every today that there is, unto eternity.
I glory not in outer prosperity or outer health; I glory in the essence which fills me—this divine Presence that fills me—because I can spend what I have outside today and be renewed. I can give, I can share all that the Father giveth me, and yet retain within myself the Presence, the substance, the staff of life, which in its season appears outwardly as still another message, still another dollar, still another trip, still another something or other, still another healing. Always within me is the essence, the substance, the fiber, and the fabric of that which is to appear externally.
But my conscious recognition of this truth is that which makes it available to me and to you—my conscious recognition of the Presence of the Spirit of God within me. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways. Acknowledge this divine Presence within me; acknowledge this divine Presence within you, within friend and within foe. Acknowledge It.
Acknowledge It as the source of your wisdom, as the source of your immortality, as the source of your human relationships, as the very fabric of your outer fruitage. The substance, the essence, the cause, the law—all of this stems from the I that I am, the I that is within me, the I that announces Itself and says to me, “Be not afraid, it is I.”
This is what it says: “Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst.” Now, watch this: Where two or more are gathered together in my name . . . where two or more are gathered in the recognition of this I as Omnipresence. When we meet together—not for a good time, that has its place, too—but when we meet together and we are in the conscious remembrance that I am in the midst of me, meaning I am in the midst of you, meaning that I am in the midst of each other, then we are two or more gathered in Thy name—the name I, the name that I am.
Then you can see it would make no difference if we were present in a class, or present at a supper, or present at a breakfast, or a picnic. Nevertheless, if we were consciously aware that the Presence of I in me is the Presence of I in you, we would be two or more gathered together in that name. We could do anything we wanted as long as we continue to abide in that realization.
Well, you can see the miracle and the magic of it. I cannot be envious of the I that I am, even if the I that I am is you. I cannot steal or want to steal from myself when I recognize that my Self is you. Do you see that?
We do not take from each other; we share with each other. Why? Because it is the Self sharing with the Self, two or more gathered in one name I . . . I in the midst of you.
There could be no warring with each other at any level—fighting, discord, and inharmony—if there were the constant recognition of I. Be not afraid, it is I . . . it is I there, it is I there, it is I there. And it is the same I here, and we are one. (Pause) That we may be one.
End Part 3

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