1952 New Washington Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

7C-A – A New Meditation 2/4

This says something to me within. I can feel it in my chest. I can feel it in my breathing. I feel lifted up, a little bit higher than I was, at any rate, as I go on to that next part of the statement…and all that I have is thine. Think of this. Think of the Father saying to me, All that I have is thine. All that I have is thine. What is it that the Father has? What is it exactly: Life eternal, infinite spiritual being, infinite harmony, wholeness and completeness, infinite substance and supply, divine love, purity of soul? All of these things the Father says are mine.

May I be frank with you right here and tell you appearances do not testify to that? If you look at me as I seem to be in the human world, you would never believe that I have life eternal and that I am a pure Soul, and that the substance of God is really the substance of my being, and that the infinite supply of God is the infinite supply of me. Oh, you could never believe that looking at me from appearances, from human appearances, as your eyes would see me, but evidently the Father knows, and the Father says, all that I have is thine.

And so perhaps it would be well for me and perhaps for you too, right now, to close your eyes to appearances either to my appearance or to your own and recall to yourself this great spiritual truth that all that the Father hath is mine, and that means that all that the Father hath is yours.

It seems strange at first until I get used to the idea that I must not judge by appearances, that I must judge righteous judgment, spiritual judgment. Then do you see? I’m immediately reminded of the fact that we have been called children, children of God, and if children of God, heirs, and if heirs, joint-heirs with Christ and all the heavenly riches. And here I have a confirmation of the fact that all that the Father hath is mine, and now I even know how, by inheritance. I’m not only a son, but an heir, and because of my divine sonship and as an heir, all that the Father hath is mine.

Do you know I feel a weight falling off my shoulder as I realize that I do not have to worry or be concerned for the immediate future. Since now I have the assurance that whatever of good is mine or is to be mine is mine not through worry, not through fear, not through concern, not through anxiety, not even through the sweat of my brow, but by inheritance.

I like to think of it as grace. Ah! You see how one thought leads to another in this meditation, and now the word “grace” has come into the picture. And you know that we have been taught that grace is the gift of God. To live by grace is to live by the gift of God, through the gift of God, through inheritance, through gift, not through effort, not through labor, through grace—through the gift.

Right about here as I’m thinking about that, another wonderful thought comes to me. I am come that ye might be fulfilled. And that was the same God that called me son, and now this God tells me that He has come. He has come to my consciousness that I might be fulfilled. That is the purpose of God that I might be fulfilled. There again is that: son all that I have is thine, joint heir with Christ in God, through grace, as a gift, and here the Father is telling us that he has come. God is come that I might be fulfilled, you might be fulfilled.

There is a Presence. There is a power there. Here comes the next: He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world. Here it is again, I am come that ye might be fulfilled—He that is within me. You see all of this indicates a Presence. All this indicates a power, and it indicates that It is universally present in you and in me and that Its function is that we might be fulfilled, not by might. Ah! Here comes another one. Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord, by My spirit saith the Lord, not by your energies or mine but by My spirit—God’s spirit.

You know now these statements of God are coming to me so rapidly that I have to hold them back in order to get them into this microphone. I just heard this, My peace I give unto you—My peace. I was emphasizing that My spirit does these thing, not might, not power, not labor, not blood, sweat or tears, My spirit and then immediately comes those divine assurances: My peace I give unto you—My peace.

There is that I am come that ye might be fulfilled again. There is that divine presence. There is that the Father within. Oh! There is another one: The Father within me doeth the works. I suppose that I could just sit here and go on for a long, long time and find these great truths unfolding in my consciousness. And all along that same mind, all along that same line, all following each other up, leading out from the first statement, the one statement that I took into my consciousness, or rather, that I found in my consciousness; and to that one statement all these others have been added, and I’m sure that you’ll agree that even though it is only a few minutes since I began this meditation, I know that you’ll agree that I’m lifted up much higher in consciousness than I was when I started. I’m sure that you’ll agree that I have a greater sense this minute of God’s presence and of God’s function as my caretaker, my keeper, my support, my supply.

Perhaps you too, just through this meditation are lifted up just a little bit higher than you were when I began. If so, you can begin to see the possibilities of this type of meditation, because there are infinite possibilities to demonstrate that. Let us pause for a moment, meditate, or rather, be silent, have that listening ear, that receptive attitude and see if we can’t find another statement of truth within our own being, meditate upon it, and see what the Father will add unto that one, since it is promised that to those of us that have more will be added. And so it becomes necessary that we have at least one statement of truth. So now, let us meditate or be completely silent and receptive until we find that another statement of truth reveals itself to us from within. (Pause)