1950 First Portland
Tape 4 Side 2
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 6
Everything that is embodied in that word I within your being: the youth of you when you were six years of age and twelve and twenty; the wisdom and experience of thirty and forty and fifty; every bit that is embodied in that I is yours. And do you know what else? Immortality, eternality, perfection, spirituality, dominion. He gave man dominion over the things of the earth, over everything in the air and the sky and the waters beneath the earth. Have we claimed that much dominion or have we given dominion to the atmosphere, to the germs in the air, to the submarines in the water, and the bombs above.
We have given up our God-given dominion because we gave up the only God there ever was: I Am. That’s the only God: I in the midst of you am mightier. He that is within you is greater than he that is in the world. Yes, greater than bombs, greater than wars, greater than infection, greater than contagion. Yes, indeed, I in the midst of me. Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine. All of the protection, all of the dominion, all of the good, the spirituality, the eternality, and the immortality; all that belongs to the Father belongs to the Son, because the Father and the Son is really one. The Father is the Infinite Invisible, the Son is the visible, and they are one. And only when you realize that that I in the midst of you is God, can you understand the greatest mystery of all in the metaphysical or truth teachings. The greatest, the most marvelous truth and the deepest secret lies in the Master’s statement, Call no man on earth your Father.
Now you have all heard that; you have all read it, and perhaps used it even as a quotation, but do you really and truly understand that actually you never had a human father; that actually at most, even according to human belief, the mother and the father were only the vehicles through which Nature operated, and Nature has a capital N and it means God. That’s all. No man has ever been a creator. I never met a mother who could make a fingernail for a child, and you haven’t either. We are not creators. We are the vehicle, the instrument through which the Fatherhood of God operates on this plane, but God is the Father, the Mother, the creative Principle of the universe and the law of inheritance is true: All that the Father hath belongs to the sons and daughters of God.
God imparts to Its own manifestation or expression Its own being. It imparts Its eternality, Its immortality; the spiritual substance of being and of body. When you see this, you will see another startling point. And this we stress a great deal in the teaching, in the message of The Infinite Way. You were not born or brought here on earth at the will or whim of your parents. You chose to bring yourself here. You sent yourself into expression. If you have accepted the world belief that there is a power outside of you acting upon you, then you also have given your consent to death. If you have accepted the belief that a germ can come along out of the air or a bomb can come out of the air or an accident can come into an automobile or an airplane and can affect your life, you have then given your consent to your death, because you have accepted a presence and a power apart from God and you have denied the I of your own being as God, and you have given the power over it to something external to it, and in that way you have given your consent.
Once you acknowledge that the I at the center of my being is God. That It determines my experience; that the unfolding of that I constitutes my daily experience, from that moment, you have placed all life, truth, and love at the center of your own being. You have placed infinite Power, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. And then you can say out here, “How can anything out here touch me if He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world?” It’s a very difficult thing; it’s a very unwise thing to call scripture a liar. Not necessarily because it represents words in a book, but because that which has become scripture is the revealed light given unto humans prepared for the illumination, and they have passed it on to us.
In other words, men and women who for ages and ages have sought God, have sought an awareness, have finally come into illumination, and they have received impartations of the Spirit. And they have written them down, and in some mysterious way, they have survived the ages. The mysterious way is this: That the power of truth within its self is its own protection. And that’s why the Master never had to write a word, but he knew My words will not pass away. Why? Because they were his words? Oh, no, they never were his words. He said, “My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me.” And so whenever a word of truth is uttered, it’s not too important whether somebody is around to write it down, it will survive. It will survive in the consciousness of someone who’s heard it, and if no one heard it, they’ll catch it out of the air. Never doubt for a minute that if you can’t get the truth out of a book; if you can’t get the truth from a person, you’ll get it out of the air.
I have told this to our classes, because those of you who know my books know that I am not trying to build up another message with books and a church and a leader, or something of that kind for the rest of the world to bow down to and worship; what I’m trying to do is bring out a message that will free every individual. If you want to remember Goldsmith, just remember him as the man who told you to get free of Goldsmith and every other person in the world of a mediation nature.
And I warn every class never to believe that there is any good fortune about their being present in my classes. I said, “If you do believe that, you are believing in somebody’s bad fortune in not being here. And that’s not true. God is no respecter of persons. Whatever you are getting by being here, everyone else in the world who is raising their consciousness to this level is getting it too. And if they are not getting it from me or through me, they are getting it from somebody else in their vicinity, and if they are not, they are going to dream it at night too. Never doubt this: you do not need personal mediation. You do not need a personal Savior. It’s a wonderful thing to have one, to lead you in the first steps toward the realization of your freedom, but if you didn’t have them, you’d get along too because you would be driven more deeply within your own being.
End Part 4