From – God, the Substance of All Form
By Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt – Chapter 6
“Developing a Healing Consciousness”

The treatment for the claim of age is the realization that you are as young or you are as old as God. And how old is that? How young is that? The moment you think of your age, you are thinking of the selfhood apart from God and then you are trying to treat the illusion. Do not do that.
There is a great need for the realization of agelessness and timelessness in our experience, only we should have begun it much earlier – about the time we were under the belief of being seven or eight years of age. What a bad one that is! Then there was the belief of being twelve or thirteen, which is a little bit worse and after that along comes the belief of being sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen, which is even worse. Probably the most trying age-belief of all is that period between eighteen and the early twenties. That is the point at which we know all there is to be known. No one can tell us anything; we have become men and women! That is the age-belief that really needs a good treatment once in a while. Then comes that period described as “change of life,” and what a nightmare that is! This is followed by the last and final stage – old age.
The best time to begin treatment for age is when a person is around seven or eight. If we successfully handle that age, probably by the time we become twelve or thirteen, we shall have solved the whole problem of age and obviate the need of treatment for the other age beliefs. However, for most of us, the age-belief was not met at seven or eight, or twelve or thirteen, and so we are having to meet it now. This is the moment to begin to realize that since God is our individual life, we are the same age as God. As we learn that, we learn further that that life never had a beginning and will, therefore, never have an ending.
In the same way, we handle the beliefs pertaining to body. God, Spirit, being the only substance, there is no reason for the body to be less vital or powerful at ninety than at nineteen. The body itself does not know its age; it cannot read the calendar. It is only we who know that and it is we who accept the belief of age which outwardly reflects itself upon the body. On the other hand, if we realize our true identity to be Spirit, then the body is spiritual, and the body is as ageless as we ourselves are. The body should show forth the fullness of maturity at all times. It should never show forth that which we know as childhood or youth or middle age or old age. It should show forth the fullness and ripeness of maturity, and it would – had we known this truth in time. Had we early enough understood our true identity to be Spirit, we could have avoided many of the changes in physical structure that take place. But it is not too late: Now is the only time there is, and we can begin this moment. Then, ten years from now, we may look ten years younger than we do now. But we shall have to know this truth consciously.
Never think for a moment that just because you are reading metaphysical books or attending metaphysical lectures or classes, that you are demonstrating truth. This truth has to be demonstrated by you individually through the conscious activity of your own consciousness. It is not something you can take for granted. You cannot declare, “Oh, God is my life,” and have that take care of everything. No, not at all. This is a conscious activity of individual consciousness, a conscious activity of awareness, until it becomes so much a part of our nature that we no longer have to give thought to it. But, for a long, long time, it is necessary for us to remind ourselves when we get up in the morning:
I am the same age I was yesterday; I am the same life, the same mind, the same Spirit, the same body. All that the Father has is mine – all that the Father has of agelessness, changelessness; all that the Father has of intelligence, wisdom, guidance, and direction – all is mine.

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