The Realisation of Oneness

From – The Art of Spiritual Healing

By Joel Goldsmith


“Realization of Oneness”

Your home is a composite of your consciousness of home.  You are the doorkeeper of your household and you should stand guard at the door to see that nothing gets past that door which does not have the right to be there. This door, however, is not a material door.  The only door there is, is the door of consciousness, and the only door for which you are responsible is that door.  What do you allow to get past your door, your consciousness?  Do you accept contagion and infection as power in your home?  Are you a party to discord and bickering?  You should make it a matter of daily realization that nothing can enter the doorway of consciousness except the truth of being, and that no suggestion of human power, whether physical, material or mental, is law.  Any belief that enters your home must first enter through your consciousness, and the truth of being in your consciousness will act as a law of annihilation to any false belief that would intrude.

Everything that comes within range of your consciousness will take on the nature and character of that consciousness.  Your own life is not only affected by what gets past the door of your consciousness, but the life of everyone who has brought himself to your consciousness is affected, and that includes the members of your family and your community.  All these look to you for bread; they look to you for the truth of being, but oftentimes your mind is so occupied with concern over your own discords and inharmonies that they are turned away without the divine substance which they sought from you.

Deep within every person is a hunger for the bread of life.  Friends, relatives, and even acquaintances who find their way to your home ostensibly seeking companionship, supply, or any form of material good, even though from their point of view that may be their purpose, are in reality longing and craving for the true substance of life, the meat that perisheth not.  If you give them money and give them that alone, if you give them your physical, human companionship, and give them that alone, you are giving them a stone:  You are not giving them the bread of life; you are not lifting their state of consciousness.  This you can do only in the degree that you are specifically entertaining the consciousness of truth within your being as they come to you:

        “God is the substance and the activity of my home; God is the consciousness of every individual who enters my home, whether it is family or friends. Nothing enters my home to contaminate or violate its sanctity, because God is my only home.  As long as my home appears on earth as a material structure, it will express the harmony of God.” …

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