The Reborn Consciousness

What constitutes your consciousness of Grace and how is it developed?

From – Beyond Words and Thoughts

By Joel Goldsmith
Chapter 2 The Reborn Consciousness

    What constitutes your consciousness of Grace and how is it developed? It can be attained only by working consciously and conscientiously with the principles of one power, reading about it on every page of The Infinite Way books, and hearing about it on every Infinite Way tape recording. Through that, gradually your consciousness comes to accept the truth that there is but one power, and it is spiritual law. As your consciousness accepts this truth, material or mental law hits up against that developed consciousness, and like darkness, it is not there any more. That is how spiritual consciousness operates.

At first, spiritual consciousness is formed by an intellectual awareness of these principles. You come to accept God as your consciousness, as the only power. Over and over again The Infinite Way books hammer away at the theme that God is individual consciousness, your consciousness and mine. If God is your consciousness, what chance would anything have of operating for evil in that consciousness? Nothing shall “enter… that defileth…or maketh a lie.” Enter what? Enter God-consciousness; enter your consciousness because your consciousness is God-consciousness.

    As you work with the Writings and are filled with the principle that God constitutes your consciousness and that your consciousness is the one and only power, you are building a consciousness of Grace. There is no power external to you. All power functions from within you, and it is only of a spiritual nature; therefore, it does not govern anyone, control anyone, or dominate anyone, but is a spiritual law of freedom unto everyone.

Then lo and behold, when something claiming to be a law comes to your attention – something of your own, of your family, your patient, or your student – and it touches your consciousness, which is no longer your consciousness, but God-consciousness functioning as your consciousness, the one and the only power, and therefore the light of the world, what happens? Exactly what happens to darkness when the light shines. It disappears! You have not used a power; you have not even used the power of Truth: you have been the power of Truth. You have not used It: if anything, It has used you.

As you continue to abide in the principles that have been given to you in this Message, every principle that becomes a part of your consciousness constitutes the reborn consciousness, and the “old man” or the old consciousness that believed in or feared two powers, that used one power over another powers, is “dying.” The old consciousness is being educated out of itself. As this “old man” with his belief in two powers and his subservience to the law “dies,” this new consciousness is born, and eventually you rise above the law into a consciousness of Grace in which you are not thinking in terms of overcoming or of power. You are not thinking in terms of words or thoughts: you are living; you are being; and you are letting the divine Consciousness flow through you, animate, and live your life for you.



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