From – The Mystical I
By Joel Goldsmith
P. 8

The Master has told us some of the things that can be given: forgiveness, prayer. Learn to give forgiveness over and over and over again to your friends and to your enemies. You can pray; you can pray for your enemies. This is another form of giving: praying that your enemies be released from penalties, praying that their consciousness be opened to the light, praying that their sins be forgiven them, even as you would have your sins forgiven you.

Receptivity is the key to spiritual attainment, and receptivity is attained through givingness. If you have a little change or more than a little to give, give and share it where you will. Remember, however, that givingness is not only the giving of material things, but is your attitude of forgiving, benevolence, peace, and good will toward all men.  This is the real givingness: good will toward men, setting all men free, and holding no one in condemnation. It does not mean that you are not aware of the sins that are going on around you; it means that you stop holding man in condemnation to them.

In opening consciousness, a Presence comes in. You may not at first be aware of It as an actual Presence, but eventually you will, because It is a Presence, It is a Spirit. You do not see It, hear It, taste It, touch It, or smell It, but you experience It, and as It floods you, It brings healing of mind and body. It brings purification to a decadent mortal sense; It brings with It a greater integrity; It washes you clean of the negative thoughts and feelings which none of us enjoy having, but which even the best of us have.