From – Living Now
By Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt Chap. – Beyond Words & Thoughts
P. 133
Let the Nature of God Be Revealed in Meditation

Jesus called God “the Father within,” but how many of us in this modern world know what Jesus meant when he spoke of God as Father? None of us has any idea what the heavenly Father means because that Father is nothing like a human father. And so unless we understand the real meaning of Father in the sense in which Jesus used the word, when we speak of God as Father, we are merely mouthing words.
Jesus spoke of God as I, and said, “I am the way,” meaning that God is the way; “I am the bread,” meaning that God is the bread. But Jesus did not mean that he was God: he meant that I is God, and that is quite different.
In the Orient, more especially in India, God is thought of as the Self, and since there is only one Self, that Self is the Self of each of us. It is very difficult to understand that, because the moment we say “self” we think of our human identity, and the Self with a capital “S” has no relationship to that.
It is for this reason that it would be well if you would take into meditation the word God, and see if you can receive a revelation of what God is. It may be that there will be a revelation within yourself that will absolutely clarify the Self, the Father within, or the I AM. If not, you will receive some other revelation. You might not be able to express it, but you yourself would have had an experience, and you would then know.
In order to attain that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, it becomes necessary to drop all images and concepts of God and settle down until the kingdom of God within reveals itself, and we come, through experience, not through reading or hearsay, to know beyond any doubt that God is our divine being, our very life, our very Soul, our very Self.