Attaining the Higher Dimension of Life

From – The 1958 Infinite Way Letters
Chapter 10
by Joel Goldsmith

Attaining the Higher Dimension of Life

There is another plane of consciousness, which Jesus referred to as “My kingdom.” This is the plane of consciousness in which The Infinite Way functions in your life after you have assimilated and proved in some measure the correct letter of truth as taught in our writings and recordings.
“My kingdom is not of this world” – not of the mental and physical world. In this kingdom, there is a peace that can ever be known with the mind or body: “My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.” This is an entirely different realm of consciousness. In this higher consciousness, there is only being: There are no laws; there is no cause and no effect; there is neither good nor evil, up nor down. There is just being. Strangely enough when “My kingdom” or “My peace” can be brought even into the mind, it nullifies human law and removes the penalties for its transgression because it removes the transgression itself. Watch the change which occurs when you make yourself consciously one with God, when you open yourself and become a state of receptivity to everything that flows from the kingdom of God within, thereby consciously shutting yourself off from the world’s mesmeric influence.
The higher dimension of life to which the Master referred as “my kingdom” is not accessible to the person who is under world-mesmerism. As that mesmerism is dispelled and we become as conscious of God operating in us as heretofore we were conscious of fear, doubt, suspicion, hate, envy, jealousy, we become susceptible to the activity of the kingdom of God. Those who understand how world-mesmerism, or universal hypnotism, operates are able to nullify its effects in their experience.
It is folly for a human being whose eyes are not open and who does not perceive clearly the nature of this universal sense to think that, by going through the forms of meditation, he is going to hear the still small voice. It is folly for the person who is still indulging in personal sense – hate, envy, jealousy, malice, prejudice – to believe that he can sit down, close his eyes, and immediately God will be on the scene to protect him. This is not possible until a person has separated himself from the very influences that originally created a sense of separation from God. We are only separated from God because the mind, instead of being a clear transparency for the Soul, has become clouded by personal sense or world-mesmerism. In such a state of hypnotism, God cannot be heard.


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