1959 London Closed Class

Tape 274, Side 2

Spiritual Consciousness

By Joel S. Goldsmith

Part 4 of 4

Now follow this.  There are states and stages of consciousness, and those of a material state of consciousness believe that physical force is power; and they do everything through physical force, they might even earn their living through physical force, physical energies, physical labors.  Then there is the person who has gone a step further and has more of a mental consciousness, and this person begins to earn their living through mental powers and exert mental powers, personality, individuality.  And then of course there is the spiritual consciousness, the one that we recognize as that mind which was also in Christ Jesus; the consciousness which does not live by might or by power, not by physical might, nor by mental power, but by My Spirit.  This is spiritual conscious­ness – the individual who lives not by might, nor by power, not by any human effort, but by My Spirit.

Now then, if we are of that physical consciousness and give power to physical might, then, of course, we are living in fear of drafts and getting our feet wet.  We are in fear of germs, weather, climate.  If we have gone into the mental state of consciousness, we probably want somebody’s good thoughts to bless us, and, of course, we fear somebody’s bad thoughts because they might harm us.  We may be uncomfortable in the presence of people who we think are sinners; we don’t like their thought upon us; or we may even fear a mental malpractitioner because we have given power to the mental powers.

When you come to the spiritual consciousness, this is where you acknowledge that only God is power; only the consciousness which is not divided; the consciousness that sees with a single eye, one power, one presence, one being, one cause.  Ahh, the moment you reach that you reach life without effort; you reach life by grace because now you don’t have to consciously direct God consciousness.  Now It performs Its functions in you and through you, and you merely become aware of what It is imparting to you.

Now let us follow this for a moment.  I’ve used this illustration many times.  Let’s use it again.  This hand is absolutely dead.  It can’t go up; it can’t go down; it can’t give; it can’t withhold; it can’t punch; it can’t pet.  Here it is and here it will stay forever, unless I . . . there’s the big secret.  I must move this hand; I must direct it; I must instruct it; I must empower it.

Now if I am down here, on that physical or mental level, then I can do this for good or for evil.  Now I am choosing.  If I have attained the – even a measure – of the consciousness that “God alone is power,” then this hand is moved, not by personal me but by the divine Ithat I am and never for evil, and never for error, never for destruction, never for harm, because I am not consciously going to move it.  I am going to let it be moved by the consciousness which is God, which is the consciousness that I am.

Now think of that.  When you personally, humanly, are going to move your body you can move it where you want, how you want, and you can move it for good or evil; the choice is within you.  But in proportion as you come to the realization that “God is the only consciousness, and God is one power – infinity, immortality, eternality,” you will find that your body is being moved.  You consciously aren’t moving it; it is being moved, and never for sin, and never for disease, and never for death, and never for old age.  It is being moved in accord with the grace of God. When the time comes to pass from this human scene for greater experiences, it will be a passing, not a pushing out.

Now, God is the one and only infinite consciousness, the all good, my consciousness.  Therefore, everything within the realm of my consciousness is God governed; God maintained; God sustained; God fed.  God, divine consciousness, is the substance of all form.  There is no evil form; there is no destructive form, no harmful form, no injurious form, for God is the substance of all form.

Now you present to me a claim of infection or contagion, germ . . . But in this inner vision, I see God as the substance of all form; therefore there can be no destructive form, no injurious form, no harmful form.  All form is of the name and nature of God.  All form is of the quality of God, the activity of God, and exists under the law of God.  And then I reach that inner stillness, and then we prove the germ was not destructive.  I’m not denying that there are germs; there may be, but I know that they can’t be injurious; they can’t be destructive – not in the realization of one power, one intelligence, one love, one life.

You present to me a claim of marital discord, and I say that “God constitutes individual conscious­ness.”  Therefore, there can be no battle in consciousness, no disagreement, no separation; there can be no opposing interests, no opposition. God is infinite consciousness – the consciousness of you and of me; and there can be no discord between me and thee, for we are one.  Whatever blesses me blesses you, because we are one.  Anything that would injure you would injure me, for we are one.  But God is the one; God is the one of you, and God is the one of me, and in this oneness there is only the qualities, the quantities, the activities, and the laws of God; and nothing shall by any means enter this consciousness, which I am, which you are, which he is, which she is, that defileth or maketh a lie.  There is but one . . .  and then again that inner stillness and silence, and the seal is placed on that treatment and so it is.

Regardless of the name or nature of a claim which is brought to your awareness, you have to start with the fact that God is one – one presence, one being, one power; and all that God is, I am, and all that the Father hath is mine; therefore, God consciousness is my consciousness, and nothing can enter my consciousness which despoileth, defileth, or maketh a lie.

And so I know that God is the substance of all form; God is the activity of all being; God is the law unto all creation; and in Him is no evil.  In this truth of oneness – one being, one presence, one power – there are no opposing powers. And so we are dealing only with the belief – not your belief or mine – the universal belief in two powers good and evil, but if you do not accept two powers, then you do not have the belief, and one with God is a majority.  And where there is no belief in two powers, there is spiritual harmony, spiritual health, spiritual wholeness.

This is why I caution the students – don’t be satisfied if you’ve had a healing, just because you have good health instead of bad health; remember good health can always become bad health.  No, even good health must be transcended, until you know that there is neither good health nor bad health, there is only spiritual health, God health – in other words, spiritual harmony, spiritual wholeness, spiritual completeness.

Never be satisfied with just physical health or mental health; never be satisfied with financial abundance, because financial abundance can all too quickly be financial lack; don’t be satisfied with financial abundance.  Translate it, and realize that the only real abundance is the presence of God. God’s presence is grace; God’s presence is supply; God is the substance of all form; God is my being. That’s why I shall not want.  And then, when you are abiding in this truth of spiritual substance, It will appear outwardly as the fulfillment of all your requirements and there’ll always be twelve baskets full left over.  But, not if you are going to count dollars or pounds or properties and think you have a sufficiency. Oh no, no, no!  Time makes many changes.  But if you recognize that in the kingdom of God, God Itself is fulfillment, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty – freedom from all sense of lack and limitation – then you have made God your supply, and your supply will be abundant; it will be infinite, but only if you’ve made God your supply; only if you’ve madeGod the health of your countenance.

Don’t be satisfied because the heart beats the right number of times.  God is the health of my countenance; God is my supply; don’t be satisfied . . . I see in today’s paper they’re starting a new movement to be sure that we all buy concrete shelters; now we must all go out and buy concrete shelters.  Don’t be tempted; don’t be tempted.  There is no place where God is not.  If you have made God your abiding place, your dwelling place, then that’s where you are and that’s where God is.  And let’s see somebody try to destroy God.

God is infinite divine consciousness; therefore God is your individual consciousness, and this consciousness is the law unto your life.  Don’t try to direct it; be satisfied that it is so and rest in that Word.  God is infinite divine consciousness; therefore God is my consciousness and your consciousness; his consciousness and her consciousness; the consciousness of friend and of foe –universal, divine, omnipresent being, God consciousness – the law unto all creation.  And when you rest in that, It picks you up and transforms the mind, the body, and what is called the outer experience, but which now you learn isn’t outer at all.  It’s all taking place within you.

End Part 4