IW Morsel – Potential
        Everyone on earth has, potentially, the same consciousness as Jesus Christ. It is infinite; it is here; and it is awaiting us. The question is—are we willing to put in the hours of devotion; are we willing to make the effort required to train ourselves to be conscious of the presence of God, instead of seeking some form in which God is to appear.

From – Spiritual Healing
By Joel Goldsmith

From – 1961 Los Angeles Closed Class

The Resurrection

Excerpt – Tape 398 Side 1
Joel Goldsmith

We do not battle error, we do not protect ourselves from error.  We do not try to overcome it or rise above it.  We recognize that in any and every form, error is a form of malpractice which is a nothingness.  Why is it a nothingness?

Can evil emanate from God?

Now, if you were back in orthodoxy you might answer, “Yes.”  Yes, you might say that God kills us in order to bring us home to Him.  You might say that God is responsible for that airplane that took eighteen innocent, fine children in the height of their health and youth and destroyed them.  And you might say God, in His infinite Love for us, killed those innocent ice-skaters.

You might, if you were preaching a funeral service over a four year old baby that was raped and killed, you might say God, in His inscrutable wisdom caused this.  But you’d be a fool.

God didn’t cause anything like this.  The Nature of God is Love.  And the Nature of the Son of God is to raise up, heal, raise up from the dead, forgive the sinner.  Forgive the sinner, not punish the sinner.  The Master never punished the sinner.  Always he forgave.  “Neither do I condemn thee.  I will take thee with me into Paradise this very night.  Thy sins be forgiven thee.”

There’s nothing in the Nature of God that punishes, that kills, that causes disease, that causes accidents, that makes of us slaves to false appetites.  There is nothing in the Nature of God that does that.

And that is why the first plank in the platform of The Infinite Way is:  You must know the Nature of God.  Because as long as you believe that God visits evil in any form on earth, as long as you believe that God, an act of God sinks a ship at sea, you’re putting God in the same class as an insurance policy.  And be assured God is no insurance policy.

God is the spiritual, creative principle of this universe and there is no destructive act of God.  Write that across your forehead.  There is no destructive act of God.  Not in heaven, nor on earth.

Whence then comes evil?  Out of the universal belief in two powers.  Is this belief a power?  Only where it’s accepted as a power.  The moment that you recognize that if it is not ordained of God it is not power, you are starting to heal.