Infinite Way Letter
1964 – September
Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 8 of 8

The Revelation of Spiritual Identity

The Ever-Presence and Availability of Illumined Consciousness

The Soul or the life of an individual never dies, nor does it lose its attained development. Therefore, Jesus the Christ who left this experience in full illumination still exists and lives. He does not live in any place. He lives in and as consciousness, and since consciousness is infinite, he lives and exists in your consciousness and in mine, and it is within our power to receive light and instruction from that consciousness which forever has been, is now, and forever can be identified as Jesus Christ.
Gautama the Buddha who left this plane in full illumination still lives, still teaches, and still performs his mighty works, and this is all being done in consciousness, and that means in your consciousness and my consciousness. We are being illumined and instructed by that state of consciousness. And so we could go on and on and find that all those who have attained illumination and who have left this plane fully illumined are right here where we are. They are here and are facing us through our own consciousness, and if we have not yet know that all spiritual light is embodied within our consciousness, we should become aware of it now.
The kingdom of God, of Allness, is within us, and we are being instructed of God. If, at this moment, it appears to be coming through a book, that is only a temporary situation, just as when it came through Jesus Christ at the time when he was physically present on earth. Jesus left this plane, but spiritual illumination continued because it remained in individual consciousness. And as your spiritual teacher passes from this experience, spiritual illumination will continue within you. Throughout all ages, spiritual teachers, revelators, and leaders will appear in the consciousness of man to speak the language of the day.
We have had need of every mental and spiritual teaching that has appeared on earth because each one has been a steppingstone to where we are today in The Infinite Way, which, through the principles it has revealed, is preparing consciousness for the day when no one will have to think in terms of a carnal mind because there will not even be the temptation of a carnal mind there.
That is the state of mysticism. That is when the individual no longer has to impersonalize because in the God-realized consciousness there is no evil to behold. That is the mystical state, and it is from that state of consciousness that the mystics and the mystical literature have come forth into experience.
In proportion as you learn to impersonalize, you are preparing yourself for that experience because you are training yourself for a state of mind in which evil has no reality, no power, no law, no person, no cause. When you have come to that place, you have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, a mind that can look at your particular Pilate and say, “Thou hast no power”; that can look at the cripple and say, “What did hinder you?” that can look at the blind man and say, “Open your eyes.” In that state of consciousness, there are no opposing powers.

End Part 8