The Function of Mind

From – Tape 399 Side 1
1961 Los Angeles Closed Class
By Joel Goldsmith
The Function of Mind
Now then, let this be understood: the flesh or body is in reality spiritual and perfect, and that is why it can be said, yet in my flesh shall I see God. In other words, right now while I am tabernacling here on earth, right now while I have this physical body, I do see God and tabernacle with God, and am ordained by God, and live by the grace of God; and this entire world activity is governed by God’s government through me while I am still in this earthly flesh. While I am in the flesh I yet see and tabernacle with God. And, because of this, my flesh is less susceptible to age, sin, disease, and death.
The flesh is spiritual. This that I am showing you, that which you see in the mirror, is not flesh in the spiritual sense, it is the “fleshly sense” or the physical or carnal sense of flesh, of body. Your body is spiritual, but all of us in some degree are entertaining a physical, a carnal sense of flesh, and it is that sense of flesh that sins, is diseased, and dies. The body itself, the flesh itself, is spiritual. But if you look with your eyes you will not see spiritual flesh; you will see the fleshly sense of flesh, the physical sense of flesh.
Now, the physical sense of flesh does not get into heaven; the physical sense of flesh does not see God or tabernacle with God. But in the degree that your sense of body becomes spiritualized; as your sense of body is elevated, in that degree does your flesh take on more-and-more, the nature of immortality and perfection. And you find that the result is this: you are not quite as subject to the fleshly sense as you once were; you do not have quite the degree of carnal mindedness; you are not quite as subject to disease as you were—and you are more readily healed than you were.
The more you ascend in the spiritual awareness of body and being—the less susceptible your body is to fleshly beliefs. That is why all of those on the metaphysical path are subject less and less to the appetites of the flesh; that is why you’ll find among, oh easily ninety percent of the spiritual students—you’ll find that they do not drink, they do not smoke. It isn’t a question of being virtuous; it’s a question that the taste for those things has fallen away. And, that is only another sign that we have gone beyond the deepest of the fleshly sense.

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