Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 5 of 5
“It Shall Not Come Nigh Thee”

Laying Up Spiritual Treasures

As we engage in this practice, we will save ourselves from many of the woes and negative experiences of this world, but what is even more important is that once we have proved these principles in our own experience, we will see how quickly our conscious awareness of them begins to set others free. They do not have to know that we are knowing the truth of them spiritual identity, and yet many will receive healings without knowing the direction from which their help comes.
Since we are not seeking personal glory but only to witness a principle in operation, we need not be concerned about getting credit for any healing for which we may be the instrument. To us, the joy and the satisfaction are that we have discovered a principle of life that we can live by and which will benefit those who are receptive and responsive to it. Getting credit is a lot of nonsense, because it makes no difference how many medals are pinned on us while we are here or how many honors or titles we receive in this life, we cannot take them with us. Our money, stocks, and bonds we check at the probate court as we go out, and the medals, the titles, and the honors are taken down from the wall, stored away for a few years, then burned. These are of no avail to us—not one bit. Even the good that is sometimes spoken of us is relatively unimportant because there are probably just as many saying the opposite about us.
What we do take with us as we leave this plane is every bit of good that we have brought into active expression in our life and every bit of spiritual enlightenment we have gained. These are stored up where neither “moth [nor] rust doth corrupt,” and these we take with us to become the foundation of our next experience. Every spiritual principle of life that we embody becomes our state of consciousness throughout all time, just as every skill that we attain here is ours throughout our experience here. The spiritual principles we learn are our protection, our health, safety, security and peace; and we know that as the world awakens to this truth, these are the principles that will eventually bring about freedom for every individual on the face of the globe.
At first, it is hard work to apply these principles throughout the day because we forget more often than we remember. It is usually ten or eleven o’clock in the morning before we remember how much we have forgotten that we should have been consciously knowing since seven o’clock, and then we have to start in at noon to make up for lost time. By the time we get into bed at night, we have really gotten ourselves into a jam because then we have to get up to undo all the forgetting we have done throughout the day. It is a strict discipline for at least a year, and oftentimes much longer than that.
You will understand what I mean if you try just such a simple thing as making an agreement with yourself that you will never eat a bite of good of any kind or drink a drop of any kind of liquid without consciously recognizing that God is the source. Then at the end of the day count how many times you have forgotten this, and you will know how difficult it is.
But, on the other hand, watch the magical effects in your life when you do reach that place where you consciously recognize with every bite of food that but for God it would not be there for you to consume, that but for God’s grace you would not have it because it would not be on earth, and but for God’s grace you would not be able to digest it.
Come to the realization that the most trifling acts of your day, such as waking up in the morning or sleeping at night, cannot be performed without an activity of this invisible Spirit, and observe what happens when you begin to acknowledge Him in all your ways. Notice what happens as you consciously remember when you get into your automobile that God drives not only your car but, since there is only one Being, one Selfhood, God is the driver behind the wheel of every car. Your conscious recognition of this sets you free from statistical beliefs.
For a long, long time, this is hard work. This is not an easy path, but eventually something beautiful begins to happen. You no longer have to think consciously. Thoughts come of their own accord, automatically arising within you, and you really understand what Paul meant when he said, “I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.” After that there is very little of conscious effort. It all flows from within.
End Part 5