IW Morsel – No Reward, No Punishment

The more you realize that God is not a rewarding God or a punishing God, but that the nature of God is Infinite Love and Infinite Wisdom, the clearer you will see that there is no need to tell God of your needs or to ask Him to fulfill them.

Invisible Supply

By Joel Goldsmith

Study & Meditation #115

Joel Goldsmith-1962 Princess Kaiulani Closed Class (2:1)

Tape 481 Side 1

The Nature of Truth

Only through the development of our consciousness can we make our transition from our human state to our spiritual state. We can more easily understand this when we remember Jesus’ statement, “Ye are the temple of God”. Do you believe that your body is the temple of God?

When we know this, we are purifying our consciousness and then we can know our true identity as the Christ or that “I that I Am”. As we develop ourselves in this way, we are removed from the possibility of doing wrong to ourselves or to our neighbor.

When we experience our Christhood, we become ordained and our life changes. Now we should never be tempted to act or react to many human appearances. Then our Christhood manifests as freedom of health, happiness and supply without limit.