Everything that doth appear is made of something invisible. The things that are seen are all made by things that are not seen. And so, we have no magician demonstrations—something coming from nothing—and let us understand that. And if there is a demonstration needed, there must be the substance out of which it is to be evolved, and that substance is what? Our consciousness of Truth, our awareness of Truth. Find some truth to take with you into your consciousness, then let that truth be the substance or foundation of your outer demonstration.

You know now that you have brought to this classroom those of your friends, acquaintances, relatives who are looking to you for help, for spiritual guidance, for spiritual healing, for prayer. You’ve brought them with you in your consciousness. They exist, right now, in your consciousness. They are as much a part of your consciousness, even though they are not visible to us here in this room, as you are a part of my consciousness, and I am part of your consciousness,

The mere fact that there are only two feet or twenty-two feet separating us from each other does not make us any closer to each other than your friends and relatives who are five miles or five hundred miles away.

We exist to each other, merely in consciousness, not in time or space, and I, up here on this platform, embody you, embrace you in my consciousness. I include you in my consciousness. You are a very part of my consciousness of truth, and every word of truth that is active in my consciousness becomes a law unto you—a law unto your health, a law unto your supply, a law unto the harmony of your existence.

But of course, you in sitting here also have truth active in your consciousness. You have not only the truth that you are hearing from this platform, but in addition to that you have the truth that is unfolding to you within your very own being.

Because all the time that I have been speaking, remember, you have been aware not only of what I’ve said, but you have been aware of something within you telling you the rightness of it, and perhaps even enlarging upon it, or adding to it, or giving to it inner or greater meanings than I could impart to you from up here.

So you have, and I have, this outer activity of truth coming into us, and we have the inner activity of truth that is unfolding from the depth of our own being. Now all of that truth active in our consciousness—since truth is also law or principle—that truth is a law unto all that we have within our consciousness, all of those that we embody or embrace, or include in our consciousness—friends, and in many cases, even enemies. We embrace them in our consciousness in love, and this law of truth is the law, the law of harmony, unto their being. Every word of truth, every word of truth that comes from God and becomes alive in our consciousness, becomes the activity of truth or the law of harmony unto everyone within our consciousness. It is for this reason that everyone of whom we’re thinking, consciously or unconsciously, is blessed—not by you or me, by the activity of truth taking place in our consciousness.

There is never anything personal about this. Your human good thoughts can no more benefit them than your human bad thoughts could harm them. They are subject only to the activity of the word of God in your consciousness. And the activity of the word of God in your consciousness is a law unto everybody in your experience.

And I ask you to remember this, that in this treatment we are not transferring any thoughts to anyone, nor are we sending out thoughts, nor are we holding thoughts. In this approach of the message of The Infinite Way we don’t hold good thoughts and we don’t send out good thoughts. We do receive, we do become aware of God’s thoughts within our own being, and we let them come and we let them go, but we do not direct them at any person.

And here is a notation that I received from a student; “Now I see, the healing takes place within me. Any sense of lack, limitation has only to be overcome in me. I give it the only power it has. Remove my allegiance and it collapses into its native nothingness.”

So you see, you don’t direct the treatment at anybody or at any condition. You overcome, within your own self, any belief in the reality of power in evil. You realize within your own being the oneness of power—that is that God alone is power—not that God is a power that’s used to whip a lot of bad powers, or destroy a lot of bad powers or evil powers or negative powers. Because in the message of the Infinite Way we do not have two powers. We don’t have disease to overcome. We don’t have sin to heal or reform, or sinners. We have only one power—all else exists as mirage or illusion or false appearance.

So that, when you sit here, not thinking of personal conditions, just keeping your mind stayed on truth, which is a realization of God, the word of God as the only presence and power, and the further realization that any appearance—let’s call it sin, false appetite, disease, ignorance, fear, death—that these aren’t power, that these can’t perpetuate themselves, that these cannot maintain or sustain themselves, because they are only of the substance of mirage, of illusion, nothingness.

As you realize that, your friends, your relatives, your patients respond to it, because it has been the activity of truth in your consciousness governing all of those who were in and of your consciousness. And so, the point is in our treatment, to constantly keep the mind stayed on God, on Truth. Keep a consciousness of Truth, which means a recognition of one power, one life, one mind, one soul, one presence, and then, of course, the other part, the nothingness of any so-called claim or appearance.

The realization that what appears as sin, as disease, as sin, as death, as lack, as fear is without power, cannot maintain itself, cannot perpetuate itself, cannot stand a moment in the presence of this truth of God’s Allness. And God’s Allness is really the sum and substance of the Christ ministry.

Even that great temporal power Pilate, it says; Thou couldst have no power over me, unless it came from the Father in heaven. In other words, to any form of discord or inharmony, you may say: Thou couldst have no power over me, unless it came from the Father within. So therefore, I shan’t even try to take time getting rid of you or overcoming you or trying to pray you away. I have enough to do to stand fast in the realization of your nothingness, because of God’s Allness.

It is time for our meditation, and in this meditation we are realizing now that all who have turned to us for help, for prayer, for comfort, consolation, release, freedom, all of those now, are met together, in one place, of one mind, in the consciousness of Truth. And right there, this consciousness of Truth becomes active as a law of harmony unto their being, becomes active as a law of elimination to every belief, every appearance, every mirage. The light of truth in our consciousness illumines this scene so that we behold it as it is—perfect in His image and likeness, dispelling the illusions of sense, the darkness of materiality.

The light of truth in our consciousness, the consciousness of truth in our consciousness does that. You don’t. I don’t. I can of my own self do nothing, but this consciousness of truth within me, it is a law of harmony. It is the law of light that illumines this entire scene. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. If you try to build demonstrations on the outer plane, you may succeed for a season. It won’t last. It never does in the human picture.

Except the Lord build the house… . Except the consciousness of Truth become the substance of your demonstration you will labor in vain.

And as we realize this truth, we then become quiet and with ears open and alert, in a state of receptivity, as if we were actually listening for the voice of God, we let ourselves be still.

And then comes that inner awareness, a sense of release. It is so.

Thank you Father. It is done.