You see, the mistake that we have made is in thinking that we make the demonstration, instead of realizing that it is God that performs these miracles—not man, not the prophet, saint, or seers, all they do is keep their mind stayed on God. They live and move and have their being in the consciousness of God’s presence and power, and then that Consciousness brings forth the demonstration.

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. There again, you see, you do not live by bread alone, by vitamins, by minerals. We don’t get the strength of our muscles through what we eat. It is in quietness and confidence that this strength is formed. In other words, My peace again, this inner peace, or spiritual peace appears outwardly as harmonious form.

And now we come to one of my very favorites of the Master’s inner teachings, and that is where he revealed that I have meat that ye know not. In that one statement you will find the entire secret of the Master’s ministry. It contains the whole secret of his ministry.

I have Meat that ye know not of, and when he says ye, he means those of lesser degree of illumination than himself. I have Meat—in other words—I have an inner Substance, I have an inner Foundation, I have an inner Food, I have an inner Good that the world doesn’t know. Why? They can’t see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it. It is the invisible kingdom of God, or consciousness of Truth.

Now then, were we, for any reason, to be thrown out on the street at this moment, just as we are, and permitted to take nothing with us, what could make our demonstration, and what is the only thing that could make our demonstration? The awareness that we have this spiritual Meat or spiritual Substance out of which our tonight’s meal would appear, out of which our tonight’s resting place would appear, our safety and security, our cloud by day and pillar of fire by night would come out of our awareness of this Meat that the world knows nothing of.

Our consciousness of truth would appear throughout our forty years in the wilderness. Our consciousness of truth would appear on the entire three years of the Master’s ministry, and it would appear outwardly as the multiplication of loaves and fishes. It would appear outwardly as the ability to walk in and out of danger untouched. It would appear outwardly as every form of safety, security, healing, even the raising of the dead. What would do this? The Meat that ye know not of, this inner consciousness of Truth. Give us this inner consciousness of Truth and you can have all of these world’s goods, and yet this inner consciousness of Truth would operate as an activity in your consciousness to appear outwardly in every form necessary to your fulfillment.

And what is this consciousness of Truth again? It’s all tied up in the word I. I Am says Moses. I Am says Jesus. I Am come that ye might be fulfilled. I have Meat that ye know not. I Am the Bread, I Am the Wine, I Am the Water, I Am the Resurrection, I Am Life Eternal.

This I at the center of our being—let me put it this way—our awareness, our consciousness that the I at the center of our being is God and not man. Our awareness that the I at the center of our being is the great Infinite I Am that I Am, and that It goes before me to make the crooked places straight.

The realization that It will never leave us nor forsake us. Remember It. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be with you until the end of the world. Lo, I Am—before Abraham was, I Am.

There you are. The consciousness of this truth that we have a Meat, we have God, we have the great I Am at the center of our being. That truth is far greater than knowing that I have a bank account, or knowing that I have a home to go to, or that I have a return trip ticket home.

This realization that I, the I at the center of my being has come to me, into my individual experience, that I might be fulfilled, that I might find fulfillment in this world, that I might find the fullness of good. That is Its function and Its purpose—to express Itself in all forms of good.

Now this I will never leave me nor forsake me, or else why are we spending time with the Master’s teaching? I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be with you until the end of the world. I Am come that ye might be fulfilled.

Your consciousness of that truth is the Meat that the world knows not. It is the Water that when you drink it you will never thirst again. It is the Wine of inspiration. It is the power of resurrection unto your temple, whether we speak of the temple of your body, the temple of your home, the temple of your church, or the temple of your wealth, or even the temple of your nation. Whatever temple is destroyed will be raised up again, and quickly, through our consciousness of the truth.

What is the truth? I Am come that ye might be fulfilled. I will never leave you nor forsake you. He that is within you is greater that he that is in the world. He performeth that which is given me to do. He perfecteth that which concerneth me. I in the midst of you am mighty. The consciousness or the awareness of this truth is Meat and Wine and Water and Bread. I Am the Bread of life. Again I. The I is the Bread of Life. The I is the Meat. The I is the Water. The I is the Wine. The I is the All-in-All.

And when Moses realized that, he went from being a shepherd on the hills to being the leader of the Hebrew people. When Jesus realized that, he went from being a Hebrew Rabbi to being the founder of the Christian world.

The moment you realize the nature of I at the center of your being you are no longer a housewife; you are no longer a clerk; you are no longer a banker; you are no longer a builder; you are then the leader of your religious world.

And it isn’t necessary to found a new religion, because it’s a religion that’s as old as time itself. The most ancient of Hindu teachings was based on the One Ego, the One Ego appearing as many, the one God, the one I Am appearing infinitely as your individual being and mine.

And it was Moses s revelation and it was King Solomon’s revelation and it was Jesus Christ’s revelation and you will find it to be John’s revelation in the Book of John and in Revelations.

And so, out of scripture I have chosen only these few passages to serve as a foundation, but remember, there are several hundred more such citations in scripture, and there is no reason why you should not spend time bringing them out of the book into your conscious awareness.

You have all the aids for it in forms of bibles, concordances, besides your own knowledge of the Bible, bring these statements of spiritual truth into activity in your consciousness and find that they become the meat and the water and the wine of life.

Now, whenever you find yourself faced with a so-called problem in the outer world, let your thought first go to the Kingdom within, and realize that it is within you that you have the substance of the demonstration that is to be made in the without, that within you is the Meat, or the Bread, the Substance of which the demonstration is to appear.

And then, you will brush aside this more or less, universal belief in metaphysics, that demonstrations come about by some kind of miracle or hocus pocus in the outer world, and you will understand that there are no miracles.