Undoing of Fear

The beautiful relationship you have with all your brothers is a part of you BECAUSE it is a part of God Himself. Are you not sick if you deny yourself your wholeness and your health, the Source of help, the call to healing and the Call to heal? Your Savior waits for healing, and the world waits with him. Nor are YOU apart from it. For healing will be one, or not at all, its oneness being where the  healing LIES. What could CORRECT for separation but its opposite. There is no middle ground, in ANY aspect of salvation. You accept it wholly, or accept it not. What is unseparated must be JOINED. And what is joined cannot BE separate. (ch 28H, excerpt)

In this series of classes you come in touch with the means to the undoing of fear within yourself. Wherever you find yourself in your awakening to the awareness of the Reality of Who you are, you bump up against fear. On superficial levels on deeper levels of your experience of yourself. Fear is going to be undone if you see there is nothing to be afraid of or there is nothing to lose. Fear always is based upon an idea you hold, conscious or not. To recognize this and to take responsibility for it and not let your self be guided by fear, you will experience a new freedom. In this class you are invited over and over to come in touch with the one moment you can be free of fear.

In this class we use as basis chapter 28 of Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles. You will be send e-booklets, to be able to re-read the text that is used. The classes are held on Wednesdays at 1pm Central Time USA. CHECK HERE YOUR TIME


25th of August 20211pm CDTThe Present Memory
1st of SeptemberReversing Effect and Cause
8th of SeptemberThe Agreement to join
15th of SeptemberThe Greater Joining
22nd of SeptemberThe Alternate to Dreams of Fear
29th of SeptemberThe Secret Vows
6th of OctoberThe Beautiful Relationship
13th OctoberYour New Freedom


We will meet online using Zoom to connect. This is an easy to use app on your phone or I-pad. The link to the Classroom is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 . Make sure you enter 5 minutes before the class, so we can start on time.


All activities of Iwihub.com are free of charge. Donations are gratefully accepted. The suggested donation for these classes are $100. Thank you!

Undoing of Fear

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