Today the class: “the agreement to join” as part of the Undoing of Fear classes. Another step in the undoing of fear and another provision of true Comfort. In this class the very basics of Healing are taught: healing is the effect of minds that join. How do you do that? What can be in the way? To share an example of the provided comfort read this. Or is you want to listen to the whole section, listen below.

Be not afraid, but let your world be lit with miracles. And where the gap was seen to stand BETWEEN you, join your brother there. And sickness will be seen WITHOUT a cause. The dream of healing in forgiveness lies, and gently shows you YOU have never sinned. The miracle would leave NO proof of guilt, to bring you witness to what never WAS. And, in your storehouse, it will make a place of welcome for your Father and your Self. The door is open, that all those may come who would no longer starve, and would enjoy the feast of plenty set before them there. And they will meet with your invited Guests the miracle has asked to come to you.
[Urtext A Course in Miracles Chapter 28D7]

LISTEN TO THE SECTION – The Agreement to Join

The Agreement to Join – Chapter 28 D – Urtext A Course in Miracles – Read by Wim H.

Today the online class will be at 1 pm Central Time USA. You are welcome to join.