This text was given to me a moment ago. It literally brought me Home. It was given to me after I just finished some video and music I was producing. Please read this with me and listen to what it says.


"The sun and ocean are as nothing, 
beside what YOU are. 
The sunbeam sparkles only in the sunlight, 
and the ripple dances as it rests upon the ocean. 
Yet in neither sun nor ocean is 
the power that rests in you."

(Urtext A Course in Miracles - ch 18 I - excerpt)

I never read this or heard this like I do this time. What a gift to actually being able to hear what it says and letting myself be overwhelmed with the L O V E that is being shared. Thank you for meeting you H E R E.

Sunbeam Sparkles – Music Video

DOWNLOAD the ‘Sunbeam Sparkles’ if you please