This is how a new assignment for the Instrument of truth part 3 class could look like, and does.

Dear One,
Thank you so much for the incredible presence and input for yesterday’s class

In case you want to watch any part of it again: 

Next week the “Intuition” class (23rd of Nov’22)?

 The intuitive mind is sacred and the rational mind  a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

–Albert Einstein

Same name different angle…

Another “Albert” is Albert Hoffman, a Swiss pharmaceutical researcher:In the following YouTube video you see the ‘accidental’ discovery of a chemical:

How would you express intuition?

  • How do you allow intuition to be your guide (gut feeling, inner knowings, unconscious nudges that propel you to action or bring sudden shifts in perspective)?
  • Can you show (3d,words,movements,music,2d, 4d😃,…) something in class that has nothing to do with your ratio but everything with your intuition and is ‘freshly’ (recently) created?

One more quote: About Steve Jobs, he called intuition more powerful than intellect, his biographer (Walter Isaacson) wrote:

His imaginative leaps were instinctive, unexpected, and at times magical. They were sparked by intuition, not by analytic rigor. Trained in Zen Buddhism, Mr. Jobs came to value experiential wisdom over empirical analysis. He did’t study data or crunch numbers but like a pathfinder, he could sniff the winds and sense was lay ahead.

Walter Isaacson

What is intuition?

  • is it related to the mystical life – the small Voice?
  • What does your spiritual scripture say about it?

That is all for now

See you soon