The Christian Mystics seminar is here. In this seminar you will certainly discover how much it is related to you in your process of awakening of the Remembrance of the truth of Who you are.  It certainly is an invitation not to idealize and make an idol of the mystics, but recognizing them as friends on the Path to Enlightenment. 

Joel S. Goldsmith says it this way: “As for instance, the revelation that the master of himself, did not do these mighty works—that they were done through him by a power within him. The Hebrews expected that, and they rightly named it the Messiah. But they made the same error that the Christian church later made, or let us say the Christian church later made the same error that they made: they personalized Messiah as if it were to be one man. Just as even now, the Christian church personalizes Christ, which is only the Greek name for Messiah and names it as one individual. When it never was one individual. It was a Spirit in man. And the Messiah then, and the Messiah now under the name of the Christ, or the Buddha, whichever you’d like, is a Spirit in man. And it is in you. It is “closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet.” And what the old Hebrew mystics tried to tell, and what the Christian mystics again told, and what twice has been lost is now repeated again: the Messiah, or Christ, or Buddha is the Spirit of God in you. And It is ordained to heal the sick. It is ordained to raise the dead. To feed the hungry, the multitudes. It is ordained to forgive the sinner. The very Christ of your being is ordained to forgive you your sins, and certainly me, mine”.

Healing Principles, tape 406A, Joel Goldsmith, excerpt.

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Relevance of the Christian Mystics for YOU now