Day 30 of the Awakening Intensive. Today we start with a meditation.

No matter what appearances seem to touch your life,

the way to surmount these is the way of sonship or oneness

this way no one can walk for you

it can be walked only by you

you alone can take the Way

you alone can live by the Way

you alone can walk the Way

by virtue of your consciously knowing the truth of the Way: “I am the way.” 

by virtue of my oneness with my Source

I am infinite, 

I am spiritual

I am under spiritual law 

I am under Grace

the way through which appearances disappear, 

the way through which to surmount the difficulties of the moment, 

the way through which we are to enter the spiritual kingdom, 

the way through which we are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Spiritual illumination comes in a moment when “ye think not,” 

arranged from excerpt “A Parenthesis in Eternity” by Joel Goldsmith


The words above are used in a mostly silent meditation. Some music in it from Michelle Addino-Colchin, 2013, Angel songs “Awakening” and “Hope”.