Thank you for Participating in the 40 Days Awakening Intensive.

Find here your schedule week 5 of the 40 Days Awakening Intensive. The meetings are approximately 30 – 60 minutes each.

ONLINE – Zoom link

The LINK we use is: By clicking on the link, you will enter the meeting room.


  • TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS so you can be on time on the right day
  • We have activities at two different times:
  • Noon Central Time USA (FIND YOUR TIME HERE
  • 10 AM Central Europe Time (FIND YOUR TIME HERE)
Monday October 10th 2022Mindtraining Monday10 am Central Europe Time
Quantum Body, Quantum Healingnoon Central Time USA
Tuesday October 11th 2022Miracles & Revelation 2noon Central Time USA
Wednesday  October 12thInfinite Way* Meditation & Music10 am Central Europe Time
Instrument of Truth, celebrationnoon Central Time USA
Thursday October 13thIllumination with MTnoon Central Time USA
Friday October 14thLOVE Meditation10 am Central Europe Time
Saturday October 15thLight Vespersnoon Central Time USA
Sunday October 16thInfinite Way MeditationNoon Central Time
Tape Group Private 251 pm Central Time

*Highlighted program parts are Infinite Way events.