This is a report of Day 22 of the Awakening Intensive as it is taking place for many of us. Today we dive into the idea of CONSCIOUSNESS and will receive a lot of clarity. In the video that is being shared we look at many aspects of the direct experience of unity and love, but in different way.

Join us in listening or watch this class.

Remember the point about Miracles as a means of organizing different levels of consciousness. Miracles come from the (below conscious) (subconscious) level. Revelations come from the above conscious level. The conscious level is in between & reacts to either sub‐ or super‐conscious impulses in varying ratios.

Urtext A Course in Miracles, Chapter 1B, excerpt


  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 1:31 Response of the Universe
  • 9:54 Levels of Consciousness
  • 13:50 Impulses – Source – Sex – Clarity
  • 23:57 Effects of Revelation
  • 26:43 Miracle Impulses
  • 31:23 Feeling the love for your brother
  • 34:59 Clarity
  • 39:38 Behavior follows experience
  • 42:53 Prayer: Thank You for today
  • 45:53 Gina’s Song: Illumination

The video

The audio

Consciousness – Impulses – Source – Sex – Clarity